Apr 212011

The lastest SEDO Great Domains auction is up and running. There are 202 domains that are currently on auction and a few of them have some very nice starting bids.

I finally got accepted into the auction with my domain: HDTelevisions.TV. I set the reserve low and am anxious to see if it will sell. There are currently 2 other domains that contain the word “television” which is rare since sedo has very strict acceptance policies.

Anyways, if you are interested you can place your bids right here:


  3 Responses to “HDTelevisions LIVE on Sedo Great Domains Auction”

  1. Not a bad domain, too bad it plural as opposed to the singular hdtelevision.tv . Good luck

    • Dman

      Thanks – Yes the singular version would have been better but think this one also has potential. television.tv sold for a nice $24K and id be happy with about a few hundred with this domain. It’s all based on if someone wants it or not.
      Also, there are 2 other “television” typed domains which kinda sucks. I initially had mine accepted then 2 more got added to the lineup

  2. HDTelevisions LIVE on Sedo Great Domains Auction http://goo.gl/fb/oCfCc

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