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[ad#co1]Everyday there are approximately 40,000+ .COM domains that expire or get deleted. This amount does not cover all the other extensions such as .net, .org, etc. Many of these domains were never utilized and most were registered in the hopes of being flipped – which didnt happen.

This guide is meant to help everyone acquire a great deleted domain name without having to go through the “backorder” hassle process, which is tedious and can become very annoying. I particularly like to deal with .com domains since they are obviously used the most and can generate a great premium. I am going to list the ways in which I acquire deleted domains without the backorder pricing. Most of the domains I acquire cost about $7 – that’s it.

1. Find a list of expiring/deleted domains

This is going to be your raw data source. Many websites offer to provide you with a list of deleted domains, but they might try to charge you for this. The entire process of buying deleted domains is to make money – not investing more money in order to obtain information that should be free.  The smart domain investor should go to google and find free sources. Personally, I like to use NameJet and JustDropped as my main sources for acquiring deleted domains. Namejet offers free deleted domain lists and they are given in a .txt format. Justdropped is another great source. After you register (for free) you get to access a list which contains about 2,000 deleted domains. The great thing about JustDropped is that you can filter your results, so that you are not getting a bunch of crappy 30 letter .info domains. When I set my filter on JustDropped I use these settings: I set the minimu lenth to 3 and the max to about 10 or 15 characters. I make sure the domain starts with the letter “a” If you dont your results will contain MANY domains that start with numbers, which is not worth purchasing. Next I set the filter to only provide me with data from a certain day – “List domains dropping on” and I select today’s date, or tomorrow. Finally since I try to obtain .com domains only – I make sure to check .com and uncheck all the other extensions. Then click “show me the domains” and BAM! your list is being prepared. One tip – Make sure to be logged in when doing this process and make sure to email yourself the results – which will be sent as a .txt file.

2. Filter your data

Now that you have the .txt files, it is time to make it useful. I like to use Excel for my domain hunt. I copy and paste all the data into excel, and it should format each column correctly. Each domain should be in 1 column – Delete everything else so that you only have the domain with its associated extension (.com if you used my method) If not you will have a mix of .net, .org – which is fine also. The next step is to use a formula in excel in order to give you the length of each domain. No one wants to type in a 30 letter domain, so obviously this would not be a good domain to purchase. In the column directly to the right you will need to insert a length formula in order to retrieve how many letters are in each domain. This formula will work with any 3 letter extension such as .com .net .org. The formula is : =LEN(COLUMN)-4. COLUMN is where your domain is stored – EX if the domain is in B4, then the formula is =LEN(B4)-4. This will give you the length of each domain. Simply autofill the column and your done!  Please check out the pic below – This is how I set up my filters: Click on the pic to enlarge

del dom list 300x176 How to buy profitable deleted domains

3. Evaluate your potential domains!

After you have filtered and selected domains from your list, you need to evaluate them. No one wants to buy a deleted domain thats worthless! 2 of the sites that I use for domain evaluations are: EstiBot and Valuate. Both of these sites are FREE and provide accurate pricing on domains. The only downside is that both limit you to 5 free searches per day. When typing in potential domains I always check the appraisal and the CPC (click per cost) these 2 items are very crucial in your search. I tend to buy domains that have an appraisal of at least $500 and have a decent CPC. I also check to see if any of the other extensions are taken already as well. If no one has any of the other extensions purchased, I might pass on it. I recently purchased a few domains that appraised well over $1,000 and had a great CPC! ALL WITHOUTH BACKORDERING the domain!

4. Time to buy

After you have found a great domain, its time to buy and own it. I personally use Godaddy only because there are so many coupons available. NO one should be paying more than $8 for domains. NO ONE! If you dont have any coupons, then google them. You WILL find them. Also, if you use Godaddy check out my DOMAINS PAGE for coupons.

So here is my guide on how I acquire deleted domains – I hope this was informative and useful to some of you.

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  1. wow. this is amazing information on shortlisting and evaluating potentially good domain names. I sincerely thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone else.

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