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There are well over 600,000 registered .CO domains to date and at $30 a pop, this places a value of $18 million spent on .CO domains. Not to mention .CO just came out about a year ago. With all this money being “invested” and domains being registered, there is obviously going to be some buzz about this newest domain extension. As always, when there is a buzz – it seems that everyone automatically becomes an expert and KNOWS what will happen. Well to be frank, no one knows what the future of .CO holds – the only thing that holds valid is facts. Without concrete facts, everything else is purely speculation. Everyone also has opinoins – which we all know are like assholes – everyone’s got one.

Some of the biggest news for .CO domains has happened in the past – the biggest being GoDaddy announcing they will air a .CO focused superbowl commercial. Now – will this benefit .CO domains, or will this just benefit Bob Parsons? I’m thinking 80% Bob and 20% .CO domains. Bob is obviously going to benefit from the hand regs – and people might benefit by selling good keyworded domains they own. Airing a commercial does create buzz – espeically if it is done right – and we all know that godaddy likes to use women as their main marketing strategy. Godaddy is actively seeking a .CO spokesperson – aka a pretty face and nice bust. Let’s just hope they actually succeed in this aspect since I am extremely sick of looking at Danica Patrick and I think that Jillian Michaels can drop kick the shit out of me – which is not something I am “in to.”

So there is no doubt about it – airing a .CO commercial during the superbowl WILL increase exposure to this extension – and will it actually be good in the long run? I don’t know – and neither do you. I’m sure that sales will increase for godaddy but what about the rest of us?

Sedo has also just announced that they are also running a special .CO domain auction that takes place on Feb 10 and runs till the 17th. This should be a great indication as to how the public accepted (or disapproved) the commercial and if godaddy did infact have an impact. Many .CO domains have been steadily selling and generating some great cash. Auctions.CO sold for $15K and other notable sales can be found here.

The next .CO buzz is the fact that Overstock has officially announced that they will be using o.co as first written on TheDomains.

There are also MANY discussions online. As I mentioned before there is a lot of .CO buzz right now – Just about every big domainer is blogging about it, and forums have dedicated discussions on this topic. Namepros has some of my favorite .CO disuccions. One is the offical .CO Discussion This thread is over 100 pages long and is growing daily. The other discussion talks about how .CO domains will not do well.

So take it for what it is – Do I personally think that .CO domains are a bubble? NO – The same can be said about those who thought the internet was a bubble, or google, or facebook – were these bubbles? Yes they were bubbles as an idea and during the initial phases – what have they become now? You obviously dont need me to answer that. I dont think .CO domains will ever sell for as much a .COM but I do know it sure as hell know that it is not going anywhere.

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