Dec 162010


neuralgia 285x300 Latest .CO Domain   Neuralgia

I like CO domains. Not going to lie – something about them just makes me want to get more and more – which is what i am doing at a slow pace.

While searching for some new medical domains to add to my portfolio, I came across a term that I have never heard of – Neuralgia. It is defined as a pain in one or more nerves that occurs without stimulation of pain receptor (nociceptor) cells.

I figured this domain was already taken since just about every broad medical term I tried to snag has already been registered. .COM .NET .ORG .BIZ .US < ---- ALLL TAKEN! What about .CO? Bingo - Name was available...

The first thing I always do before buying a domain is use google’s keyword search tool to see how many people actually search for neuralgia and the resulsts were pretty impressive – to me at least. 301,000 Gloabal searches followed by 135,000 MONTHLY searches – so I quickly grabbed it.

google keyword neuralgia 1024x499 Latest .CO Domain   Neuralgia

Next, I use google Insights for search and noticed that this is a BIG ISSUE! It also gave me some great keywords to use..

google insight neuralgia 1024x791 Latest .CO Domain   Neuralgia

Another potential benefit is that the .COM is parked on sedo and for sale – I am going to start working on Neuralgia and develop it. It’s not going to be spectacular but will provide useful information regarding this topic. I am hoping that with some SEO I can rank well in time. Right now this domain is parked until I can find a decent theme to use.

What are some of your projects? Is there anything that you are working on? What are your goals? Feel free to post future projects, or ideas you have for neuralgia or your own sites!

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