Nov 292010

Domain Name Journal just published its latest domain sales for the week ending Sunday November 21. In the list of ended auctions, there are some prominent .CO domains that sold for over $10,000. Not bad considering it costs $30 to register to a .co – I wouldn’t mind a profit like that!

There are many people who are still “iffy” when it comes to the newest .co extension. I say let people think and say what they want! A good keyword domain will still generate a great return on investment in the long run. A good word is a good word – PERIOD.
There are still many great keyword .co domains available – the trick is to find them!
here is a list of the latest .CO domain sales:

  • $18,090 – Sedo
  • $15,000 –
  • $15,000 –
  • $12,000 –

I strongly suggest getting a good keyword domain and holding on to it, or developing it! I just registered BROIL.CO and DEFERRED.CO – both of which I think are pretty decent 1 worded .CO domains.

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