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DOMAIN1 300x152 Latest TV Domain Auction

I am a strong believer in diversifying your portfolio. Everyone should have at least some mix of domains. No one should have a portfolio of only .COM domains. Yes com is king – but there is money to be made with other extensions.

I recently started purchasing .TV domains. TV is a world known expression and is becoming a widely used extension. Just about every TV station has its own .TV domain. MTV, Oprah, and Playboy all have developed .TV domains. What does this mean? Well, if you dont have some .TV domains I suggest getting some – but with caution. Most great names are already snagged up and generate a nice premium – BUT dont give up hope. You can find great names still and make decent money while doing it. Remember, a great name is a great name – end of story.

Recently I purchased WAIT.TV from a member on NamePros – which is a MUST for anyone working with domains – and have decided to put it up for auction. I paid $4 or $5 to sell on godaddy almost a year ago – so I figured I would give it a shot and listed it for low $XXX. Guess what – It already has a bid on it. Now I am wondering if I should have listed it elsewhere and tried finding end users (which is NO FUN) but is the best way to flip domains. I also didn’t notice the domain ends ONE day before Christmas Eve – which might impact the final cost – but O well – I listed it and BAM already has a bid on it.

If you are interested in then I suggest you check out Godaddy’s Domain Auctions.

wait1 Latest TV Domain Auction

No this is not a life changing amount of money but it does prove that with a little time and effort anyone can start making a profit with domain names – especially extension different than .COM!

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  1. Im confused on how this works? you basically buy a domain at a lower rate and you flip the site by selling it higher? is that correct?

    • Yes that is the strategy – I usually do this with other domains but just started buying .TV domains and was able to sell some of them for a decent profit. A good name is a good name regardless of extension. A generic well searched term will bring in more money as a .tv domain that say for example a .COM domain that has hyphens and many words.

  2. Latest .TV Domain Sale » Latest TV Domain Auction

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