Oct 202010

Rick Latona hosted the TRAFFIC South Beach Auction which had about 200+ domains. Most of these domains had a pretty high reserve, and had a hopeful chance of being sold. Well, the auction is now over and the results are good for a few, but not many

The absolute BIGGEST domain disappointment is flowers.mobi which was acquired by Rick Schwartz (if you don’t know this guy I suggest you google him) in 2005 for a whopping…….$200K< --- Yes, that’s right. I dont know if Rick is feeling the sting yet, but the domain sold for a measly $6,500. That my friends is a loss of $193,500 which is probably more than people lost in the stock market during this past crash.

On a better note, a big shock ::zing:: was shock.com selling for $200,000. Now if only someone bid that same amount on flowers.mobi, then — well let’s not get into that story….

I was curious to see how the .co domains did – and for the most part, the reserve was not met. One “combo” domain – BVI.co & BVI.com sold together for $110K (had a $100K reserve) which has huge potential. Another .co and .com combo is MZH which sold for $15K. It seems that 3 letter .co domains have a higher possibility of being sold, but this might be due to the fact that each .co comes with its corresponding 3 letter .com – which can be easily sold alone.

As i scroll through the list, I noticed that some .co domains i though would sell easily – didn’t. Internet.co, LasVegas.co, CreditCheck.co and divorce.co all did NOT sell. DayTrading.co did manage to sell for $1,000. FOr a complete list of domains that were auctioned CLICK HERE.

What are your thoughts on the results? Are there any domains you thought would surely sell?

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