Dec 202010
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A few weeks ago I read an interesting guest article by Rob Sequin on Elliot’s blog. The article discussed different options that one has with domains. It was a well written and concise article which led to the creation of this one.

In the article, Rob discusses domain parking. Everyone knows what it is, and many people don’t make great money from it – but hey – it’s a free way to potentially earn some extra cash and who doesn’t like that?

Most of the time parked pages don’t ever show up on google – well at least I have not seen too many of them. However I am pretty happy to announce that one of my PARKED domains is showing up on google!

ButterChip is currently showing up on google as the THIRD result – not bad for a parked domain. I have it parked at SmartName which offers hundreds of different parking themes and 3 different ways to park domains.

butterchip 1024x664 Parked Domain Ranks HIGH In Google

According the google’s keyword tool, there are 33,100 global searches and 27,100 monthly searches for the term “butter chip”!

Overall, I am pleased with the parked page and the fact that it does show up on the first page of google. A few weeks ago this was ranked as #1 but it dropped 2 spots.

butter 1024x619 Parked Domain Ranks HIGH In Google

Do you have any parked domains that rank well in google?

  2 Responses to “Parked Domain Ranks HIGH In Google”

  1. Its very nice to see that your domain name is ranking higher with smartname. Thanks for posting this article. I just applied for smartname membership too. I had taken up 18 domains with and am thinking of increasing their page ranking so that I can sell them for a better price at afternic or through google adsense for domain ads later. Lets see how that goes.

    • No problem – good luck with smartname – its better to park your domains than to do nothing at all with them.
      The payout has not been too great but it is better than having them sit on the registrar’s default page

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