Jan 132011

Ever since godaddy announced that they will be airing a special .CO super bowl commercial, there has been a lot of buzz generated. GoDaddy also recently accounced that they are looking for an official “.CO girl” to represent the newest domain. All of this buzz has ultimately led one of the biggest online domain marketplace to feature a premium generic .CO Auction – which will be held by Sedo. The auction will start on Feb 10, 2011 and end on Feb 17,2011.

You can check out the premium .co domains HERE. This has led me to submit a few of my .CO domains since I feel this would be the best time to sell some .co’s since the auction is being held right after the superbowl. This is perfect marketing. You could not have asked for a better time to hold an auction.

The .CO domains I submitted were short, one worded dictionary words so I hope some of them will be accepted. I also set a low $XXX reserve just to see if I can sell some of them. If I can’t then no big deal – I plan on renewing them and actually developing them one day. Until then they will be parked on sedo or smartname.

So if you have some premium .CO domains, then I suggest you put some up for sale with a reasonable reserve and you might sell them – Good Luck. I will keep you updated if mu domains get accepted.

Here is a snapshot of some of the domains for sale:

co domains 300x291 Premium .CO Auction At Sedo

  2 Responses to “Premium .CO Auction At Sedo”

  1. good information, btw whats the price of this domain co.co?

  2. i ve receieve a link on my mobile phone to sign in if i want to become a member, yes i agree with terms but i didnt go through, so please e mail for me a registration form so i may get started, cos im really interested in this job.

    thank you

    Thembeni joyce mthethwa

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