Nov 302010
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There are now over 600,000 registered .co domains. Most of the good short domains are already taken – or are they? With the right type of research, you can still manage to find great .co domains that have NOT been registered yet. Anytime I think of a great keyword or buzz word – I head on over to domaintools to see if it is registered or not. This method does not always work (there are 600K domains taken) and I have recently found a useful tool to help you find some good keyword .co domains.

NameTumbler is a great FREE domain suggestion tool and if used properly can be VERY useful. This was created to help people find domains. A user simply put in his keyword, selects a category to combine the keyword with, states if he wants the keyword at the beginning or end of the domain and then simply selects the entension and BAM! Thousands of automatic potential domains appear! Then one simply copies the domains to the clipboard and does a bulk registration to see what is available.

Apply to .CO

So how does this help you find great short, easy to remember .co domains? SIMPLE! Do NOT put in a keyword, but pick something to combine, such as BASIC WORDS, then select the .co extension and you have an auto-generated list of THOUSANDS of great potential .co domains. I have used this list and have found some great .co domains such as BROIL and DEFERRED . Using this method might help you snag that potential thousand dollar .co domain!


  • 1. Go to NameTumbler
  • 2. Pick your keyword – I suggest Nouns, computer terms, food related, or anything else worth checking out.
  • 3. Choose the .CO extension and create list.
  • nametumbler 300x148 Register A Short .CO Domain

  • 4. Go to GoDaddys .CO BULK UPLOADER.
  • 5. Paste the .CO domains into the bulk uploader
  • 6. Register your .co domains!

Please note that most of these are already registered but not all! I just did a quick search and there are many great .CO domains left to register!
Some worth noting are:













Good luck and let me know if you snag any of these!

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