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caution Biggest Blog Mistakes to Avoid

According to Blog Pulse, there are 147,027,076 identified blogs worldwide – 56,372 NEW blogs and 1,020,810 blogs indexed in the last 24 hours. That’s ALOT of people blogging alot of content.

So what is everyone writing about? How much quality does their blog contain? Simply put, I don’t know. What I do know is that everyone want’s a content rich successful blog. Who doesn’t?

Just google “blog tips” or “blog guide” and there are over 557 MILLION hits – now on the contrary google “blog mistakes” and your results will be dismal. I found some great articles mentioned in the links below, but nearly all of them are outdated – I have deciced to create a new, updated list. Instead of adding to the 550 million + results, I would like to present some simple steps every blogger should avoid…


    It is extremely important to get your own hosting and domain name. This will separate you from many people and make your blog fully customizable. There is a significant difference in having your own blog on versus If you use your blog will always be shown as a subdomain as opposed to have your own url extension.


    This is a myth that many people believe it. If I blog about X, people will read it NO this is not true – you actually need to promote your blog to get readers – and informative, constructive posts to keep these readers coming back. A good way to promote your blog is to network. There are tons of various networking methods that will provide excellent exposure to your blog. Another tip is to have a contest in order to promote you blog – I will be having my first contest in a month or so and plan on creating t-shirts with my logo and site printed. You can also submit your articles to publishing sites in order to gain more exposure


    Having bad or no search enigine optimization means that your site will not be ranked by google. Google is the leading search engine and has excellent algorithms that will crawl to your site – USE them. If you don’t know about SEO optimization I suggest reading this. I also found another article about google backlink secrets.


    I cannot stress the importance of linking your articles more. This is an important concept which helps your build backlinks. The more you sites that link to you, and vice versa, the more exposure you get! So if you come across an article that you found interesting and want to put your own spin to it, LINK it! I am linking this article to 3 sources that I found, and would appreciate it if those 3 webmasters would link back icon smile Biggest Blog Mistakes to Avoid


    If your blog focuses on a specific topic, say for example, zombies taking over the world – You’d find one reader right here – you should join a forum that has topics related to your blog. You should also find other blogs and comment on them – dont spam with crap – leave detailed comments that actually make sense…. not say: nice, or sweet… Make sure to always leave your name, email, and website since it will be shown to anyone else reading the same blog as you.

These are, what I feel, some of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make – I will keep the list growing as I get more readers and will possibly make a part 2. Feel free to comment, link, buzz, etc this article. I appreciate your input!

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