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For those of you who do not know about the importance and necessity of DO FOLLOW, I strongly suggest you read this article. Also, for any doubters out there, I ask you to read this as I am going to use this website as a method to prove that making your blog into a Do Follow site WILL increase traffic and WILL increase valuable comments.

What the %$#@& is Do Follow?

Be definition, “do follow” is a term given to web pages or sites that are not utilizing NoFollow, meaning that the link you provide when commenting on another persons blog WILL be followed by search engines, thus giving your link some juice and helping your blog/site increase in pagerank. Most blogs by default are no follow in order to cut back on the amount of spam. Having a no follow blog would also prevent your link from being used when google defines page rank.

Worried about SPAM? BRING IT!

The biggest issue with a do follow blog is SPAM – No one likes spam (not even the canned kind) and this is the MAIN reason that people do not make their blogs do follow. This is a bullshit excuse and is not valid today. Maybe this reason was valid 10 years ago – but its 2011 and with so many anti spam plugins, there is no reason for a blog to NOT be do follow. EVERY SINGLE wordpress plug has the BEST anti spam plugin already installed – AKISMET. This is the solution to your problem. I have been using aksimet since I started this blog and have 99% of all the comments I received marked as spam. The work is automatically done for you, and you can simply review the “spam” comments (in your spam folder) and click DELETE. That’s all – quick and easy.

ZOOP is Do Follow & Keyword Enabled

I started zoop.co in August 2010 – I registered a short easy to remember .co domain (if you dont know about .co domains, check out my MANY other posts) and decided I needed to do something different. Everyone has a blog – how can I make mine different. Well, I decided to make zoop keyword enabled using CommentLuv. ComLuv is an awesome pluing that lets someone type in their keywords when guest commenting – so NOT only do you get a do follow link when you post, you ALSO get the chance to link your keywords. You can download this awesome plugin HERE!

BOTH of these items have drastically increased my blogs exposure and have led to many great comments and people that come back to my blog. When I first started late last year, I was getting only about 5 unique views a day. I started guest commenting and submitting my blog to various places – This was taking way too long and didnt yield any results – I had to change something. I found out about ComLuv – installed it and now I market Zoop as the FIRST .CO ComLuv enabled blog and my traffic has increased from a pathetic 5 views a day to nearly 100. No this isnt an insane amount of traffic but it sure as hell is an improvement. Did I mention I started this blog less that 3 months ago?

What is your take on do follow blogs, or comluv? Do you use it? how has it helped your site?

  11 Responses to “Do Follow WILL Increase Traffic And Valuable Comments”

  1. You are right, many people believe that making their links dofollow can harm their site but it is wrong, dofollow does not do any kind of harm to the site. It infact helps the site get more exposure. Also commentluv is one of the best plugin there is that certainly helps a lot in link building

  2. I actually discovered CommentLuv by chance, and at first I didn’t even know what it was about, nofollow/dofollow story included.

    On some websites, I just saw links in comments to their authors’ most recent posts, and I like it because is another discovery tool, in a way. I didn’t know about this blog or others before, but I found them through those links today and am enjoying reading quite a few posts.

    If this also means that as a side benefit my own blow earns a link, well that’s cool.
    I don’t see why, anyway, a dofollow policy could be harmful. If somebody tries to take advantage and spams useless comments, that’s what the moderation is for, right?

  3. Best way to improve PR is to get as much as you can quality backlinks. That means you have to get links from high PR sites related to your niche.

  4. So far ComLuv has been great. I’ve gone from zero to about 50 a day. I’ve been blogging for two weeks. I just hope that people find my motivational posts to help. That’s all I want to do.

    I also love reading your blog.

  5. Very good points. 1 of the rules of SEO is give link love get link love, the internet is a big place and it is better to have as many friends as possible…

  6. Do follow does not do any kind of harm to the site. It infact helps the site get more exposure. Also comment luv is one of the best plug in there is that certainly helps a lot in link building.Very good points. 1 of the rules of SEO is give link love get link love, the internet is a big place and it is better to have as many friends as possible

  7. I checked the spam box

  8. Thank you for the post, was looking for this for too long … Keep it up!


  9. Everybody wants backlinks, but everybody also hates spam. So I think CommentLuv is the perfect solution! Commenttators get backlinks, if they comment useful content. I feel that the Internet is slowly getting nice and organised :)

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