Jan 052011

google1 300x110 Google Is NOT The Best Search Engine

Believe it or not, this is what I randomly found out!!

Dont believe me??? Try it out for yourself

Go to Google and type in “best search engine” – you will be shocked!

The first result is for BING – well they paid for it, but still! The FIRST non paid result is for DOGPILE – yes dogpile. Their motto is “All the best search engines piled into one.” and based on 278 MILLION results, they come out as number one!

So I do find it a little odd that i am using google to basically see googles own search engine result – but hey, this is BIG!

best search engine 1024x267 Google Is NOT The Best Search Engine

  5 Responses to “Google Is NOT The Best Search Engine”

  1. This made my night!! Thank you…now I have to go try this for myself!


  2. I get a bit of the humor for the post, but Bing isn’t providing me with hits to my site.

    Google does.

    And, likewise, Google is still the King, by a big margin. ;)

    Bada “Bing”?

    I don’t think so Tim.

  3. Weird, it doesn’t show the same for me, not even as sponsored link:


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