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Build Backlinks!

Every single blogger is always looking for ways to build backlinks and to bring more traffic to his site. There are thousands of ways this can be done but one very easy and simple method to build backlinks is to find Do Follow blogs. However there are tons and tons of dofollow blogs with no pagerank. This is not something that is ideal for the blogger looking to build backlinks. If you want your blog to stand out and show up on google then you need to to find do follow blogs WITH Page Rank – and guess what? You have come to the RIGHT Place!

After researching this backlink building method for a while, I have decided to bring everything together and share a list of do follow blogs that contain page rank.

If you find this list useful – then feel free to share this with whoever, but please send a link back to my site!

List of Do Follow Page Rank Blogs:

  1. Cisco  PR8

  2. Grokdotcom PR6
  3. Links PR5

  4. Greens PR5

  5. Sirpi PR6
  6. Sufehmi PR5 Indonesian+English
  7. CurryBet PR6
  8. NewCritics  PR5

  9. CarlGalloway PR6
  10. MoFuse PR6
  11. SocialTimes PR6
  12. WeblogToolsCollection PR6
  13. BusinessFinanceMag PR6
  14. JustinTadlock PR6
  15. LendingClub PR5

  16. TheMallBlog PR6
  17. HurryUpHarry PR6
  18. UncommonPhotographers PR5

  19. BrazenCareerist PR6
  20. Pintini PR6 French
  21. MarlenesCorner PR6 French
  22. Frederic-Rolin PR5 French
  23. VrPlumber PR5
  24. Knrn PR5
  25. SeoByTheSea PR5
  26. Rumahabi PR4

  27. BuzzMarketingWithBlogs PR5
  28. ByteSizeCSS PR5
  29. AstrumFutura PR5
  30. RickyJordan PR5
  31. NashuaTelegraph PR5
  32. CanadiensEnEurope PR5 PR4

  33. TimWindsor PR5
  34. WPCult PR4

  35. MouthPieceSports PR5
  36. DmbcLLC PR5
  37. DearDrMOZ PR4

  38. GravityCube PR5
  39. JustAddWater PR5
  40. RebeccaWalker PR4

  41. IncSub PR5
  42. ScienceThatMatters PR5
  43. ElleeSeymour PR5
  44. Larholm PR4

  45. Aimee PR5
  46. PitchInvasion PR5
  47. TheVirtualHandShake PR5
  48. SteveRenner PR4

  49. JankoAtWarpSpeed PR6

  50. AlemSys PR4

  51. Seolutions PR5
  52. Rumahabi PR4

  53. HenseiDemocracy PR4
  54. PolyGEEKPR6

  55. Kid666 PR4
  56. Blueverse PR4
  57. Kthread  PR5

  58. BarryWise PR4
  59. RandomHacks PR4
  60. MarketingResults PR3

  61. StomperBlog PR4
  62. ThesisThemeHQ PR4
  63. MiddleZoneMusings PR4
  64. WordPressMax PR4
  65. HowToWakeUpEarly PR4
  66. LillieAmmann PR4
  67. CommunitySpark  PR5

  68. MarketingBlagger PR3

  69. Snoo PR5

  70. Kikolani PR4
  71. TechJaws PR4
  72. ExtremeJohn PR4PR3
  73. Wnagele PR4
  74. Poobah PR4
  75. BlueHatSeo PR4
  76. GrowSmartMaine PR4
  77. ThisClassicalLife PR4
  78. CostPerNews PR4
  79. EdenDevelopment PR4
  80. CreativityUnleashed PR4 PR1

  81. PqInternet PR4 PR3

  82. LinguisticsZone PR4
  83. MoviesAtMidnight PR4 PR3

  84. WorkAtHomeMomRevolution PR4 PR3

  85. DesignAdaptations PR4 PR3

  86. Selberg PR4
  87. DrownRadio PR4
  88. OMGPittsburgh PR4
  89. ScrapScene PR4
  90. MommyKnows PR4 PR3
  91. MovieBlog PR4 PR3

  92. LeoFogarty PR4
  93. LifeInTheRough PR4
  94. ExclusiveExecutiveResumes PR4
  95. PHPCafe PR4

  96. DaneMorgan PR3 PR4

  97. BlogU PR3
  98. PopcornNinja PR3 PR2
  99. AlohaTeam PR3
  100. TycoonBlogger PR3 PR2

Special thanks goes to Nice Blogger! Click the link shown for a full, complete list.

If you want EVEN MORE ways to find do follow blogs then you must read this article: Get Free Backlinks!

I ran a few test queries using the tool on Seo-Traffic and here are some of my results. Please download the excel file shown below for a file that contains all the DO Follow, Comment Luv, and Keyword Luv enabled blogs WITH Page Rank


Many people charge for these lists, not me! I feel that everyone should have access to these list and help promote their blog!

Once again, if you enjoyed this list then tell your friends and send them to ZOOP!

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  1. Thanks for the list of dofollow page rank blogs.

    Very useful when it comes to building back links for a website.

  2. blogs with good PR and do follow thats a treat.

  3. Hi. I wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks. I have been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a heap of good information as well as enjoyed the way you’ve structured your site.

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  5. muchas gracias por compartirlo con todos.

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  8. really significant information, dofollow blogs are very helpful for all plus points you mentioned are part essential to a good position, he never neglected any of them.
    thanks for giving us more ideas

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