Jan 262011
Question Mark

Have you ever had a day where you are just sitting in front of a computer screen and words just cant seem to translate themselves from electrical pulses to letters on a keyboard?

What To Blog About

This is EXACTLY one of those days. I am sitting here not knowing what to write about. This is a post written about nothing that does not convey anything – so in reality is writing about nothing actually writing about something?

Lets try to analyze. If I did not write anything then there would be no way anyone can read this. However I am writing something about nothing so technically this is a post about something.

Confused yet? Good! When you cant find something to post – then I suggest you create a post about it! It is exactly what I did and is a good brainstorming session.

So what did you write about when nothing came to mind? How do you cope with a “blank slate” when blogging?

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