Dec 152010
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Lately there have been some pretty big names that have developed .TV domains. According to Wikipedia

    The domain name .tv is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the islands of Tuvalu.

There has also been a lot of buzz regarding .tv domains and its potential as being extremely valuable. Lets face it – everything is online these days. Everything is either streamed, downloaded, or torrented – all video related.

Here are some of the latest .TV sales that should surprise you! ….. Sep 14,2010 ….. €45,000.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. $25,000.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. $21,500.00 ….. Sep 13,2010 ….. $12,500.00 ….. Oct 7,2010 ….. €10,100.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. $9,100.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. £9,000.00 ….. Sep 13,2010 ….. €8,100.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. $8,000.00 ….. Sep 14,2010 ….. €7,000.00 ….. Sep 22,2010 ….. $47,226.00 ….. Sep 11,2010 ….. $22,500.00 ….. Sep 11,2010 ….. $15,000.00 ….. Sep 14,2010 ….. $15,000.00 ….. Sep 13,2010 ….. $15,000.00 ….. Nov 17,2010 ….. $13,000.00 ….. Sep 11,2010 ….. $12,000.00 ….. Sep 27,2010 ….. $10,000.00 ….. Sep 12,2010 ….. $10,000.00 ….. Oct 1,2010 ….. $4,500.00

The latest news is that Playboy officially launched its own .TV site -BMW also has a .TV site and so does MTV, and Oprah. What should this tell you? Well for one – if you can register a generic domain related to anything MEDIA related – I WOULD. With everything being online, it is only a matter of time before the great names are snagged up and will be resold for a mmuch higher price. Right now you can register .TV names for 10.99 @ – not bad considering this will only cost you 3 cents a day – and can be a great investment.

For the past month, I have been trying to snag a few .TV domains that i think are great investments – either to actually develop into video sites or even to resell. If you are looking for a great place to discuss any and everything TV related, I suggest reading the NamePros TV Forum. If it filled with many .TV experts who can answer any question and it has a great buy/sell section. Personally, I think now is the time to build up your domain portfolio and add some .tv domains if you have not done so already.

At the moment, I have about 15 .TV domains. I won some in a bulk auction on ebay that are ones that I wouldnt personally register. Here are some of my favorites!

Do you own any .TV domains? Have you made any great money with .TV domains? What are your plans for them? Feel free to post some of your .TV domains below!

  4 Responses to “Should You Buy TV Domains?”

  1. I’ve got a few .TV domains, including and I can’t remember the other ones.

    I think they’re great, and that .TV is finally a useful (and potentially profitable) extension!

    • Tristan – Yes those are some good .tv domains! The only hard part is trying to find end users that will use them – which is what I am trying to do right now. Thanks for the great comment as always!

  2. Honestly i am not interested about buying .tv, i still believe .com is still the best.

    And the most important and what can count is the content, isn’t it?


    • @Kimi

      I agree with you completely! .COM is king – and I never said that .TV will take over. I just said that it is a good domain for someone to get in order to diversify their domain portfolio.
      Thanks for the comment!

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