Mar 102011

Domaining is a niche that just about everyone wants a piece of. I mean come on, who in their right mind does not like the idea of making money from a website, blog, or even a domain name. Everyone loves this idea but it is much easier said that done. Being a successful domain investor takes years of practice and making mistakes before you can truly master the art of domaining.

Blogging fits perfectly into the domaining world. If you are making money online then why not write about it? However as with every single niche there are people who post information and those who simply repost just to get attention. Go to any blog and look at the blogroll, or link section. Some blogs will have 20 or more links that point to another domain blog – is this overkill?

When someone says “search engine” I immediately think of google – then after thinking a bit more yahoo and bing would be the next obvious reason. What about “domain blog?” What is the first thing that pops into your head? Well that’s a tough one simply because every domain blog has something different to offer. No one has a “perfect” domain blog – but then again what is a perfect domain blog? Is it one that provides a service, say a dropping domain list, one that tells you how to make money, or one that keeps you up to date with all the latest and greatest domain information? Every person would yield a different answer. So how do you define the best domain blog? Well you cant, but one thing you can ask yourself is are there too many domain blogs?

According to GAKT , there are 12,100 global monthly searches for the broad phrase “domain blog” with moderate competition. If you google Domain Blog the first result takes you to a blogger blog called domain blog that has not been updated since November, 2010. The second result is a google question about domain blogs and it is not until the third result that we see an acutal domain blog – and that is Elliots Blog followed by Ricks Blog. Are these 2 blogs the best? They certainly are good but I cant say if they are the best. They do have the best SEO optimization since they are ranked so well on google.

Finding the best domain is not an easy task. Personally I feel that Domaining

is one of the best domain sites out there today. The idea is purely genius and works well. Imagine going to an airport, looking at the destination screen, pick one place and go there. That is what this site is. It is a hub that has access to each and every domain blog. The owner is also a marketing guru. If you want to be featured on domaining, you pay a one time fee and then any post you create will be submitted to the site and viewed by thousands, if not more, daily. Instead of remembering 20 different domain blogs or having them all added to your favorites, you simply pick and choose any post that interests you on domaining.

What about the blogs who cant afford domaining’s cost? (such as this one) What are we supposed to do? Well that’s where it gets trickier. Unless you have a blog that provides unique content you might not have much luck. Even with unique content there is still a mountain to climb. Without the proper marketing, linkbuilding, and even being visible on google you are SOL. There could be hundreds of domain blogs that will never be discovered due to low google search results or improper seo building. But it is what it is. Finally, I want to state that I do feel that there are too many domain blogs. There are many times in a week that I will read the same exact post 4 different times of 4 different blogs. However anytime there is someone making money and writing about it, people will listen and the traffic will flow.

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