Apr 112011

I recently got an email from Sedo saying that one of my domains has been accepted into the upcoming Great Domains Auction which is scheduled to start on April 21,2011 and end on April 28, 2011.

Sedo is very selective and getting a domain approved for their great domains auction is a hard thing to accomplish. I have had many domains that were not accepted even though I thought they would have been. I do not know how Sedo selects their domains, but I am happy to announce that one of my domains finally made it!

The domain that will be on auction is:


I have been registering generic .TV domains that fit the extension well. I actually bought this domain from someone else because it just fit the .TV extension well. Now, I just hope it will meet the reserve (which is very low) and will sell. According to GAKT, HD Televisions has 9,900 global searches and 3,600 local searches.

So make sure to check out Sedo’s Great Domain auction and place your bids on HDTelevisions !

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  1. Compliments! Let us know more after the 28th

  2. Great share indeed. We’ve been looking for this information.

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