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Not everyone can say that they sold SEX.COM for $13 million or even come close to saying that they TURNED DOWN $500,000 in potential domain sales before lunchtime. Most of us will never be able to flip a $10 domain for anything remotely close to $xx,xxx – but one thing that every domain investor can do is price their domains realistically and properly promote. Pretty optimistic intro, wouldn’t you say?

The years of hand registering a domain and selling it for hundreds is long gone if you are just getting into the domaining world today. This was possibly 10 or 15 years ago. Today domain sales have reached an all time high and many people make domain investing their careers. One thing that every investor wants is a ROI – return on investment. There are those that succeed and those that die trying. So what is the key to success? Finding good domain names (obvious) and pricing them accordingly.

Beat Domain Trends

There is no easy answer or secret forumla for selling domain names – there is also no specific price guide one can use when listing a domain for sale simply because no 2 domains are unique. So what can you use? Most people hate using estibot and valuate and say that a website is only worth 1/10 of what estibot says. Other people try to spot historical sales data to price domains, or even trends. Registering a domain BEFORE it becomes a trend is where you make your money.

If a hot trend comes out, and you dont have a related domain, then you can kiss that goodbye. The key is to find a trend before it’s hot. For example – some current trends are 3D, tablets, cloud servers, and online coupons. Just about everyone has at least 1 domain that falls into 1 of these “trends” – especially 3D. Most people keep these domains and hope to strike it rich. If someone registered 3dtv 15 years ago (before it was hot) and decided to sell it now, he would be getting a very nice amount. Now say someone wanted to jump on this trend and bought 3dPaperclip, then I’d probably tell that person to quickly get out of domaining.

Pricing Domains

Once you establish a decent portfolio, the next thing to do is promote the domain and hopefully make a sale. BEFORE you do that, you need to establish a price. This is very tricky and can be time consuming. No 2 domains are the same – every single domain in the world is unique. Let’s use “car” as an example. Car.com is NOT the same as car.net. Car.com is NOT the same as Cars.com – so how do you establish a price? You guess – yes, you guess or make one up. Personally If i owned cars.com – I would look at any and all sales related to cars. If someone sold carparts.com for $30,000 then I would obviously ask for much more.

You need to look at the domains you have, how many words/characters then find a starting point. Say I owned carpartsforsale.com. I would check sales for 3 worded and 4 worded car domains and estimate an asking price.

I know MANY domain investors who do NOT follow any type of a pricing method. They simply buy a 2 or 3 worded domain, park it at sedo, godaddy marketplace, or anything similar and ask an absurd amount of money. When I ask them why, they say “because I know this will sell for $xxxx” or whatever the amount they are asking – guess how many domains they have sold? yeah – ZERO. So if you want to actually sell domains, price them right!

Market Your Domains

Every domain investor knows about namepros, digitalpoint, warriorforum, and the many other forums out there. Do you REALLY think you can sell your domain for thousands of dollars on a forum? If you want to make money and have a good domain you will need to do work. End of Story. Get off your ass and start sending out emails. Make them professional and SELL your domain. You want to capture the reader within 1 minute of reading your email. Make them want it. Tell them stats, what benefit it can have for their company, and tell them why they want it. Also, make sure to add any additional emails as BCC – Blind Carbon Copy – the last thing anyone wants to see is 200 other people that you sent the SAME EMAIL TO!

I usually send out 30-50 emails per domain that I want to sell. Expect people to say NO (or worse) and expect a low response rate. However, there will be a day when someone will like what you are selling and a deal will be made. I am currently working on a deal with an end user for one of my domains. Be patient and you will find someone.

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  1. Why Your Domain WONT Sell http://goo.gl/fb/53EiR

  2. I realy like your post!

    I just start serious domaining and It took me 6 month to realy know how to be a good Domainer.
    All you have said is all every Domainer need to do.

    I want let others know that AGED domains are a good way to!

    Ive just purcahse some expiring domain name for realy low cost and some were registred since 2002!

    Domainer that Cash Out are those Who take the time to buy and sell.
    Don’t purcahse a domain name on the go!

    Extension, Monthly search, Ads Competitions, Words, Leight, Age are the Keys!

    • thanks for the comment! Most people are still noobs after 6 months. Im glad to hear that you have excelled and grasped the domaining world. Yes – buying expired domains is a great way to make find domains and flip them for a great amount of money. I have been buying expired domains as well and found them to be the easiest domains when it comes to flipping or selling to end users. I will create a post about expired domains in the near future.
      thanks for the visit!

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