Sep 182010
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People Waiting in line

Everyone HATES waiting in long lines – its human nature. One researcher sat down and published an equation that predicts when a customer will say “good-bye” and get out of it. Taiwanese reseracher, Pen-Yuan Liao’s formula calculates the expected length of a line and the mean arrival rate to determine the number of customers that will leave a line.
I am very interested in Liao’s formula but was not able to find it on google, sadly.

Listed below are 6 tips, published by Popular Mechanics for making a queue

How many of these do you agree with?

1. People standing in parallel lines are sure the other line is faster (I sometimes do this)

2. TV’s, Smartphones – anything that is shiny and colorful – make the wait time seem shorter..

3. Without any signs posted, people overestimate their wait time by 23%

4. The more people standing in back of you, the less likely you are to leave the line

5. Lavendar scent helps calm people while waiting in line – maybe..

6. Serpentine lines look longer but many people they are more fair..

So how many of these do you agree with?

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