Mar 032011

Everyone who owns a developed domain should set goals – realistic goals – to be specific. If you dont have any goals set, then whats the point of having a website? When I first started this blog, I wrote down many goals. Then I went through them all and figured out which ones were feasible and could be accomplished.

Some of my goals that I wrote down are: Rank in google for keywords, Zoop and CO Domain, Have consistent traffic to my blog, make some extra cash, and many more. Well all of my work has finally paid off slightly.

I have been wanting to rank for the word “Zoop” Why? I dont know – I just wanted to. There are about 800 monthly searches for zoop so i figured it would be a somewhat easy goal to achieve. After deleting headspace and adding All In One as my main SEO plugin, I noticed that my rankings in google were improving. I started on the 8th page and worked my way to the 3rd page. Well now google redid their algorithm and I have no idea where the hell my rank went – it simply said goodbye and I have no idea what page I am on… On a lighter side of things, I AM on the FIRST page in BING. I dont know how I feel about this – Does anyone ever use bing? I dont know if this is an accomplishment or not – but it has met one of my goals which was to be on the first page of google.. err I mean bing…

zoop ZOOP Is On First Page Of Bing

  3 Responses to “ZOOP Is On First Page Of Bing”

  1. Congrats Zoop for achieving this place…keep on growing

  2. very happy to see Zoop at the top of list…keep on sharing

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