Feb 022011

Stop WASTING time

There are thousands of blogs online and being unique is extremely hard to do. Everyday there are are hundreds of bloggers who post about the SAME EXACT thing as the other guy. People blog about sports, latest news, current events, how to blog properly, optimizing seo, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on and on. So how do you avoid all this? GET CREATIVE! Find new things to write about, or even better find people who are experts in their field – contact them – and ask if you can interview them

In all reality there are hundreds of different topics such as blogging, making money online, domain experts, collection experts, etc. Instead of blogging about how to make money online – why don’t you venture out and get in contact with someone who already has made money and is known by many people. Every single field has a handful of “experts” in their field. These are the people that you automatically think of when discussing a topic. Everyone knows who they are and what they have accomplished. It might be difficult to find someone who is willing to give you an interview – but with determination and a little sweet talking, it should not be hard to find a great candidate.

One of my hobbies is collecting anything vintage – anything interesting that has a story behind it and is wanted by others. I basically collect vintage cars from the 60′s and 70′s but am always on the look out for anything that is out of the ordinary. I also buy and sell a lot of items. I found someone who has over 40,000 positive feedback and sells some of the best items I have ever seen. I contacted him and he agreed to a phone interview. The interview went well and traffic to my blog immediately shot through the roof. I posted the article on a forum and the results were great. So if you are looking for an edge of for something unique – then find someone interesting or who has a story a tell and ask if you can interview them.

Tips for a GREAT Interview

Here are some of the best interview tips I can think of:

  • Find someone interesting who is an expert in his/her field
  • Pick someone who is known by many people
  • Send the candidate an email asking about the interview
  • Schedule a time that works best for the other person – since he is being interviewed
  • Write down each question you want to ask
  • Provide an incentive – example – give them a link pointing to their site or product
  • Keep in touch after the interview

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