Dec 272010
super mario all stars limited edition

I told ya so – that’s all I really have to say…

A few weeks back I started posting items that I had a feeling would sell out and bring in a decent price – well I was right.

Super Mario All Stars for the Wii is now literally SOLD OUT everywhere. The game was released 2 weeks ago and is now obsolete – except on the second hand market. Super Mario All Stars was sold on Amazon for $30. People had mixed feelings about this game. Everyone complained that it wasn’t worth $30 and that its a waste of money, etc. O well, too bad for the non-believers. I only bought a few of these but now they are sold out. It is already selling for $65 EASILY on ebay.

So, if you happent to come across this game ANYWHERE – I strongly suggest buying it and holding onto it. It will only increase in value over time. Nintendo is not going to reissue this game meaning that it truly is a collectors edition. I just wish that that the original for Super Nintendo would increase in value as well icon smile Super Mario All Stars Sold Out – which I also own.

Keep checking Amazon – maybe it will come back in stock! Also make sure to check out my AMAZON section which features the hottest items to buy and make money off of.

  4 Responses to “Super Mario All Stars Sold Out”

  1. I was a kid when mario first came out and i didn’t like it much (too busy playing pacman and pinball but it really has stood the test of time to my surprise , i guess not everyone is thinking like i do, i miss the old stand up space invaders : )

    • Yes it surely has withstood time – and has gained immense popularity – I also played both of thos games as well but did enjoy playing mario a ton when I was a kid.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Well, not bad present for 25th Mario Anniversary!

  3. I bet they will be selling for over $200 on eBay soon. Thanks for the heads up!

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