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Ryan Reynolds Buried

Last night, my girlfriend surprised me with tickets to an exclusive screening of BURIED – which comes out on October 8th. Being huge horror/suspense fans we decided to go. The first 2-3 minutes leave you in complete darkness, as truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up and instantly notices something is wrong. hes gagged and tied – worse yet, he realizes he’s trapped somewhere… He quickly gets out a zippo and realizes he’s trapped inside a coffin. Gasping for air and freaking out he desperately tries breaking through the coffin to get out – no chance. While he’s doing this, I hear many people in audience adding to his misery. This movie makes you feel as if you too are trapped inside this hellish box…

The only light available is his zippo and a flashlight. His only source of communication is a shotty cell phone in a middle eastern language… There is not a dull moment in the entire 90+ minute movie and Reynolds does an excellent job acting.

This movie lets the audience FEEL the mental pain and torment that Conroy is experiencing. You become with him. Despite his shitty situation, Conroy still has some clever/witty remarks when making his phone calls…

Overall, I feel that this movie truly is groundbreaking and is much different than anything I have seen lately. It’s an original idea with a concrete concept that works.

I strongly suggest you see this movie when it come out

I also want to thank gofobo for the free tickets!

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth! Great review and great post!

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