Oct 182010

Yeap – you have read that right. If all the GTL isn’t enough for you already, you can now own your own Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino app. This guy has become a huge marketing whore, and it’s working. Just google “Mike the situation” and you will have over 41 MILLION hits. This guy literally went from a nobody to a millionaire. From his Dancing with the stars appearance to his protein infused vodka – this guy has some serious cash flow. All thanks to people like me and you who either love or hate this guy. ANY and EVERYTHING that gets attention will ultimately bring money. So for $4.99 you can enjoy The Situation App.

This app has been doing so well that is has made the top 10 grossing apps according to Yahoo News.

situation app 200x300 iPhone goes Jersey Shore with The Situation App

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