Dec 222010
new years resolution domain

2010 is quickly coming to an end – this gives us time to look back at 2010 and think about everything that happened good and bad. 2011 provides a fresh new start, ways to make things better, and opens up many new doors.

Everyone makes new years resolutions but many people fail to keep them. I think that everyone should make realistic resolutions or goals that can be accomplished. I also feel that each person should have 2 different sets of goals.

  • 1. Personal goals
  • 2. Business goals
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    Having 2 sets of goals is very important. It allows you to focus on 2 seperate things instead of jumbling everything together. So when 2011 hits, don’t be the millionth person to say “My resolution is to go to the gym everyday” – bullshit I say. MAKE REAL GOALS that you WILL follow!

    For my business 2011 goals – I plan to:

    • Buy a premium theme for Zoop
    • Write an Ebook and add an email list
    • Develop more domains
    • Drop some of my shitty domains
    • Attend more estate sales
    • Finish developing my classifieds webiste (so I dont get screwed in ebay fees
    • Keep track of all my earnings

    What are your goals for 2011? personal or business?

      One Response to “2011 New Years Domain Resolution”

    1. can you give me the domains that you dont need?
      may be i can put them in to use :)

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