Jan 032011
25th anniversary red wii mario bundle sold out

Time to add another item to my “sold out” list. I have mentioned this MANY times over the last few months – The 25th Anniversary Mario items WILL BE hot and they WILL sell out. Guess what? I was right – The 25th anniversary RED mario edition Wii is just about impossible to find online. Walmart, Target, AND Amazon are all sold out.

I HIGHLY doubt these will come back in stock since Nintendo mentioned they will NOT be releasing these systems again. I have seen these systems already selling for about $240 on ebay (MSRP is $200) and they will only increase in value over time.

Keep checking Amazon for the RED WII 25th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Is SOLD OUT but I think its a goner!

However, there is STILL HOPE! If you are looking to get a 25th anniversay mario product, then I suggest you buy the DSi XL Red Mario Bundle with Mario Kart 25th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Is SOLD OUT! It is still available – and trust me – this WILL be gone soon!

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  3 Responses to “25th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Is SOLD OUT”

  1. Hmmm… Interesting! You should have bought a few to resell :D

    • That is EXACTLTY what I did ;)

      Thanks for coming back – I am going to do be listing many more great items as soon as I find them out

  2. No , this not a good idea, I think you should build another blog to collect these potential sell outs goods~~~good way to make money and maybe there will be another startup :)

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