Nov 012010

No this is not a life changing amount of money – but it’s  quick/easy/free money, and who in their right mind doesnt like a simple way to make a quick buck?

Now until Saturday November 6, 2010, AMAZON is having a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Video GAME SALE Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon. Most people will buy 2 games and be happy with the free game. Not me – this is a perfect way to make a quick buck. There are 814 Video Games Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon for the PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP, and PC. I suggest you look at the newest released games such as: Fallout: New Vegas Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon, Kirby’s Epic Yarn Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon, or Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon. These are 3 games that I recommend because they the newer games out and can still fetch about $45 on average. So here’s the breakdown:

  • Buy 3 of the same games, for example, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon
  • Spend $111.98 to get 3 games
  • Sell each game for $45-$50 using buy it now (quantity = 3) on ebay
  • List the item as BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED – which will sell easily
  • Use the default picture and detailed information that ebay provides
  • Offer Free shipping, or charge $2-3 for shipping
  • Send the game via First class – will cost about $2.50
  • Enjoy the profit
  • RINSE AND REPEAT – if you like

Now lets look at the math – Initial investment $111.98 if we sell each game for $50 and charge $2.50 shipping – you break even on shipping, subtract paypal & ebay fees, and you are right around $30-$40 profit pending which games you buy. Not too bad for something that takes under 5 minutes to list on ebay!

I tend to take advantage of these deals and can easily make about $100 doing this – DON’T GO OVERBOARD. If you have 0 feedback I would NOT recommend doing this. If you have established feedback then by all means give it a shot. You will make money and also gain + feedback.

As we get closer and closer to Black Friday, I will keep my eye on other deals and post anything that is worth flipping here.

Here is a list once again of all the Buy 2 GET 1 FREE VIDEO GAMES Make $40 in 4 minutes with Amazon

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