Oct 252010

Nintendo has announced its 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros by producing a limited edition Red Wii Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI and RED DSI XL Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI .

What have the last 25 years of gaming taught us? Well its that Nintendo + Mario = big bucks. Every mario that has made an appearance has been a success. Every man, woman, and child know about mario. It is a multi billion dollar “mario-mania” industry that does not seem to be slowing down.. And I am wiriting this in hopes of having you cash in on this newest release.

Before we go on, I want to include a chart I found online regarding Mario sales across different platforms. As you can see, there is really no stopping the mario madness.

mario history 300x93 Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI

I have been buying and selling on ebay for years and have caught on to many trends – especially trends near the holidays – and this is going to become a highly wanted item. It is all part of Nintendo’s marketing strategy. The Red Wii and DSI XL are being released in the US on November 7, 2010, Just in time for Black Friday (if the system even lasts till then). Then buying these systems will become harder and harder as we approach christmas. This happens every year with multiple systems…. trust me.. if you dont then I suggest you read read on…

Nintendo released the Wii on November 19, 2006 – a few days before Black Friday… Odd right? Now if you dont remember, the Wii drove prices through the roof allowing people to sell the system for 3 to 4X retail price. Some systems sold for as high as $800 all thanks to ebay/craigslist/amazon,etc. I know that has primarily to do with the fact that it was a brand new system, and was the “must have” item for the holidays, but that still shows that anything new, and hyped up released during the holidays will fetch a good amount of profit.

Still skeptical? Fine – For the last few years Nintendo has been releasing “Mario” Nintendo DS during the holiday season. In 2008, Nintendo released Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Red Mario Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI and in 2009 Nintendo released Nintendo DSi MARIO Bundle – Metallic Blue Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI BOTH of which sold out right before christmas, and were selling for $210+. If you dont believe me, check out the prices right now.

As of right now, the bundles are available in every store. For some reason, Amazon is the only store that is NOT listing this as a limited edition bundle. They are simple stating it is a red bundle. Why? I dont know but this might be beneficial to you. You get free shipping and no tax (in most states) which is a bigger win win. Nintendo has already announced that after these systems are going to be limited and they do not plan on re-releasing them after the initial orders have shipped. I am not telling anyone to go overboard and buy 100 (you’re an idiot if you do), but I am suggesting that you look into this and you might walk away with some extra cash. If you do, then I expect a thanks – if not then… there’s always next year!

Red Limited Edition Nintendo Wii Mario Bundle Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI

This bundle comes with: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports, the new all-in-one Wii Remote Plus, and Nunchuk (both in red) bundled for $199.99.

Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle with Mario Kart Make Money with MARIO 25th anniversary Wii and DSI

The DSI XL bundle comes with:which will also come in red with three Super Mario Bros. drawings next to the exterior camera. Bundled with the handheld are Mario Kart DS as well as the preloaded games Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock. It costs $179.99.

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