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Everyone likes free money right? Who doesn’t like making about $50 by doing minimal work?

Millions of people play World Of Warcraft religiously and even more people know about warcraft. The newest expansion, Cataclysm came out last week and the collectors edition *preorder* was SOLD OUT in every single store – Brick & Mortar AND Online. Luckily I snagged 2 copies of the collectors edition and put them on ebay as soon as WOW was released – however they didn’t sell. I quickly checked Amazon and they were became available on release day. Damn – my plan didn’t work – or did it?

One trick that I have been doing for years is buying collectors editions and splitting them up. If you want to make an EASY $40-$50, then I suggest buying World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition Make Money With World Of Warcraft Cataclysm from Amazon – Keep checking back since they will get this item in stock. They get the item and then it sells out. Retail price is $80.

After you get the item you can easily split up the collectors edition contents – Here is my personal breakdown:

  • Sell the Collectors Edition BOX and Game (I think the game comes with the deathwing pet) for $50-$60
  • Sell the Art Book for $30-$35
  • Sell the Mousepad for $10
  • Sell the Starter 60 pack of cards for $10
  • Soundtrack $10-$15
  • Making Of DVD $10-$15
  • 4 Guest Passes (2 for WOW 2 for Starcraft II) $5-$10

And BAM – there is ALL your money BACK + some nice profit!!! Charge $3-4 for the smaller items and ship them via first class – then charge $6 or $7 for the game + CE box set and send it media mail. This way you will cover shipping + some of your paypal fees!

There you go – here is an extremely quick and easy way to make an extra $50 by buying 1 thing and splitting it up. As always, check out Amazon for more collectors edition and see if you can make money with other game sets!

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