Nov 232010
Red 25th anniversary Mario Nintendo dsi Xl

The new Nintendo DSi XL is going to be a hot item this Christmas. Why? Not only is it a brand new handheld made by Nintendo but this is also the 25th anniversary of Mario – and the system comes with custom mario logos on front and is Mario’s favorite color -red.

What else tells me this is going to be a hot item? This DSi XL costs $179.99 at Amazon Nintendo 25th Mario DSi XL Costs $180 Sells for $215 BUT it SELLS for about $215+ ALREADY on ebay. Does this make any sense to you? It should. This means that people are already thinking this is going to sell out and are paying whatever price is on amazon instead of doing their homework. I can see this system easily selling for $250 either during Christmas, or even after the holidays. This is going to be ONE HOT HANDHELD!

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