Mar 312011

I have just watched the video of Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy slay an elephant. It is extremely disturbing and stupid. This video has sparked thousands of people to literally move their domains from godaddy elsewhere.

Currently, NameCheap has publicly announced that anyone who transfers their domains, Namecheap will donate $1 to Save The Elephants which is a very nice gesture, and good for namecheap.

I personally believe that the more money someone has, the more bored they get with their life and are always looking for something else to take up time – however what Parson’s did was just downright retarded. Who the hell gets off on shooting an elephant? Then he glamorizes his “achievement” by playing AC/DC’s Hells Bells and has all the locals wearing godaddy baseball caps. I think Parson’s should go back to Zimbabwe, and face the elephants without his gun. Then I’d like to see the outcome of that.

PETA recently awarded Parson’s with the “Scummiest CEO Of The Year” award – which he should get. TMZ published the letter, which can be read HERE.

So all in all, Bob Parsons – you are a moron. I have about 100 domains registered at godaddy which I am going to be moving shortly. I dont need a CEO that gets a euphoric high from slaughtering an elephant.

In case you want to see the stupid video – it is below:

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  1. Indeed, bad for business. Transferring my domain portfolio would be a hassle as I don’t need right now though so I won’t be following your valiant lead for the moment. Do namecheap have similar prices to GoDaddy?

  2. SICK!!! Time to move domains away from GoDaddy! RT @zoopdotco: Bob Parsons – You Sick Bastard

  3. RT @donaldww: SICK!!! Time to move domains away from GoDaddy! RT @zoopdotco: Bob Parsons – You Sick Bastard

  4. RT @zoopdotco | Bob Parsons Kills Elephants In Zimba.. #elephant #godaddy

  5. RT @leolaporte @zoopdotco another reason to flee GoDaddy

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