Feb 082012

Everyone wants the best price when it comes to new domains and renewing domains. I want to share a great site that always has the latest Domain Promo Codes  Godaddy is by far the biggest registrar and offers the best prices, so please click on the text for a Godaddy Promo Code I am a big fan of .CO domains but hate paying full renewal prices – here is a great source for a godaddy [...]

Jan 232012

Selling domains is not an easy task – There are hundreds of different outlets one can use when trying to sell websites/domains. Flippa has been getting a ton of great sales recently. I know they are mostly used for websites that generate revenue, but I decided to take a shot and list 6 of my law/attorney .CO domains. Here is a DIRECT LINK Most people ask ridiculous prices for their .co domains – which is [...]

Jan 102012

Earlier today, Sedo was selected by the .CO domain registry to broker a group of premium .CO domains. The entire list can be viewed HERE - There are a total of 726 results and I am very anxious to see how many of these domains actually sell. Below you will see a screenshot I took which has been filtered by “Quality” and the first domain that comes up is PhotoGallery.co – Does this mean that photo gallery is [...]

Jan 052012

If you were directly sent here regarding a domain, PLEASE READ BELOW! I have decided to downsize some of my .CO domains and am currently accepting offers of each of the following domains. All of the domains listed are either triple premium LLL, or highly searched keyword domains. If you are interested in ANY of the domains, feel free to send me an email: contact@zoop.co or fill out the form below: AFA.CO BEG.CO TaxiCab.co Shellfish.co [...]

Dec 272011

Every once in a while Godaddy sells an expired domain for a decent amount – which always makes me wonder why the original owner let the domain drop. LLL.CO domains have picked up in price and it seems as if every single expired lll.co domain is picked up bu someone – most sell for the initial $12 price, and some can reach low $xxx in price. One domain that caught my eye early on (when [...]

Dec 222011

Sedo’s premium .CO domain auction is over and here are the results of the auction. I personally placed a few bids on some .co domains and won 2. I picked up an LLL.co along with a a very common dictionary word that has over 30,000 exact results.   horoscopo.co 3150 EUR equipment.co 3100 USD safe.co 2800 USD league.co 2700 USD hawk.co 2600 USD jelly.co 2550 USD fax.co 2000 USD church.co 2000 USD export.co 1856 USD [...]

Nov 302011

Over the past few months, many of my LLL.CO domains had an increase in traffic. Most of these domains are parked in Sedo and went from about 1 or 2 views a month to right around xx. It seems that people are starting to recognize this extension. I know the traffic is not from ”typos” because if that were the case then traffic would be have been consistent from the beginning.  I recently read an interesting article [...]