Nov 072011

Earlier today, the top 100 re-auctioned Landrush CO domain names ended and there were a handful of domains that sold above $x,xxx – with only 1  selling in the $xx,xxx price range. The complete list of sold CO domains is below: injurylawyers.co $18,001 omg.co $2,500 legacy.co $2,100 veterinarian.co $1,950 hub.co $1,650 assets.co $1,606 chips.co $1,455 seoul.co $1,350 foro.co $1,265 forms.co $1,265 etc.co $1,075 accidentlawyers.co $1,025 dogfood.co $975 stemcell.co $930 babylon.co $877 automation.co $875 lawn.co $875 [...]

Oct 182011

Francois is a very creative and innovative guy – If you head on over to Domaining.com you can watch the 2011 TRAFFIC Domain Auction LIVE – which is a pretty cool thing since there are thousands of people who simply cant attend. You can also watch live coverage right here on ZOOP – below: Live broadcast by Ustream  

Oct 182011

Here is a press release from the CO Registry: .CO Registry Soon to (Re)Auction 100 High Value Domain Names Held Over from Landrush Launch Phase The .CO Registry will soon make a number of premium .CO domain names available to interested buyers by holding a (Re)Auction of domain names that have been held over from the company’s original Landrush launch phase, which took place in the Summer of 2010.  The Landrush (Re)Auctions will commence on [...]

Oct 182011

The annual TRAFFIC auctions starts today and there are a few decent .CO domains in the lot – The one that everyone is talking about is sex.co. With the recent $100K sale of onlinecasino.co one can only imagine what this domain will sell for. Sex.co has not listed a reserve price – all we know is that the reserve is under $??,xxx.   Here are some of the .CO domains listed for sale at this years TRAFFIC [...]

Oct 172011

Most CO domains are registered at Godaddy and when one place has a ton of registered domains, it will also have a ton of domains that are expiring. Most of the great one worded CO domains were registered early on in July 2011, but there is always an exception and a few good highly searched words that slip past someone – that is the case with Saudi.co. This domain was registered in September of 2011 [...]

Oct 042011

A few days ago, the CO internet registry announced that it is going to re-auction a list of about 100 landrush .CO domains that were never acquired by the initial buyer. Pool.com is going to auction off the domains and there are some great domains in this list! Keep an eye out for the exact auction date, but for now here is the list: 8888.co aam.co accidentlawyers.co alec.co anthony.co aroma.co assets.co atc.co automation.co babylon.co badges.co [...]

Sep 292011

I just received an email from the .CO Internet SAS registry that I wanted to share with all of you. To sum it up, there are 100 or so .CO domains that are going to be re-auctioned off via Pool.com. The list of .CO domains has not been published – I assume a list will be made available in a few weeks or as the auction gets closer. Here is the official email: SPECIAL NOTICE [...]