Nov 222010

Who needs to wait till BLACK FRIDAY before getting great deals?? Not me and neither does Amazon. Their Black Friday sales are going on right now – November 22, 2010!

I strongly suggest checking back very often – Amazon always has some great deals – deals that have made me hundreds of dollars in the past! Check out what they ave for sale!


Oct 182010

Every holiday year, there are a few hot items that are on everyone’s wish list. These items sell out extremely fast, are never found in stores, and always rack up extremely high prices on the second hand marked – ebay, craigslist, etc.

A few years ago it was Tickle Me Elmo – last year it was Mindflex, and Zhu-Zhu pets – and this year? Well that’s what this post is for…

So how do you avoid all this? How do you get the hot item before it’s hot? Well, thats a tough question, but there is one thing that I have learned over the years that seems to keep me one step ahead of the average consumer – Look for items that are heavily marketed and will be wanted. Seems easy enough, right? Kinda… All I know for sure is that if you want to make some good cash this holiday season, you need to find collectibles – which are obviously¬†toys. I very seldomly buy electronics since they cost alot and the profit margin is very low – with one exception….

If a hot new electronic comes out around Christmas time – I’d suggest getting it. When the Wii came out,it became an instant “must-have” and skyrocketed prices. People were selling Wii’s for over $600 easily. It seems that every year, Nintendo releases a “special edition” Mario DS – This is another item that always sells. If the new Nintendo 3DS was launched in time for the holidays, it would be a “must buy” but it wont be released till February 2011.

Now is the time to start doing your homework and looking for items that will possibly give you a nice profit in a few months. I have already begun this process and want to share some potential “hot” items.


These little hampsters were extremely hot last year and sold out immediately at every store. They cost about $9 and were selling for about $30 a piece, if not more. I have a strong feeling that they will be a hot item again this year. Over the past months, I have seen most of the stock start depleting and they seem to be harder to find. I would suggest getting the “Rockstar” series and hold onto them till the shopping frenzy starts.


This might be the next Tickle Me Elmo. It is hard to find online, and amazon never seems to have any in stock. I would keep an eye on this one..


Haven’t heard of these loveable toys yet? Well you better. Retail price is $12.99 – but good luck finding them at that price. Seems nearly everyone on amazon is asking a minimum of $17 for each one. This will surely be a hot item and will easily sell for a nice amount.


LEGO’s are one sure holiday item that anyone will enjoy. The new HARRY POTTER series might be in demand, if stores sell out. I would research and see if there are any limited edition, or holiday edition LEGO sets – then use your best judgment.


New game by Mattel – might by this years MINDFLEX – keep an eye on it.

Overall, I suggest that you do your homework and think of what items will be in demand. EVERY YEAR there are a ton of items that everyone talks about. Those are the items that WILL sell. If you need some more help, I suggest you check out NowInStock. This site provides a plethora of items and will actually send you an email when something goes back in stock. Give it a look – see how many items are ALREADY sold out – and it’s NOT even Black Friday yet.

Keep an eye out on the TIPS section. I am going to keep updating it with more money making tips.

Feel free to post and comment with what you think will be a hot toy this holiday!