Oct 132010

Do you have the internet? Do you like movies, er – i mean free movies? If you answered yes to both, then there is no reason that you should’nt be attending free movie screenings. Everytime I get a free screening to a  movie someone asks me, “How did you get that?” “Do you know someone from the movie?” I reply, “No, I know someone more important – his name is Google.” They just look at me in a weird way and leave.. But in all honesty, that is the answer.

If you live in a major city there are always free screenings to movies and what’s better than seeing a free movie weeks before it is aired. In the past 2 weeks, I have gone to  4 screenings – it would have been 5 but I arrived a bit too late and the theatre filled up.

So, how do you get free movie screenings? If you weren’t able to follow my google answer then here is a step by step.

I tend to use: GoFoBo and FilmMetro – both sights a free to sign up and you become notified when a screening is being shown in your area, but act quickly – they fill up fast!

If you live in the Chicago area then you are IN LUCK. HollywoodChicago is a website run by a movie guru named Adam. The site is infused with media rich content from plays to DVDs, tons of giceaways - and you guessed it – FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS! Best yet registration is free and it is pretty easy to get free passes. Adam sends out an email anytime a movie becomes available and all you have to do is log in an usually post a reply – how cool is that!

This week I am going to see Jackass 3D  and cant wait to see the shit they do.