Jan 252013

Every year Godaddy has a Superbowl commercial that displays half naked women being displayed in very provocative ways – and then ends with a teaser… to see the “uncensored” or “full version we can’t show you” go to our website – Millions of people log on and there really is nothing extra or special to see.

This year godaddy has done something different and actually focuses in on the domainer – you know the people that actually register and buy domains. The overall theme of the video says that just because you have the next big/great idea, don’t assume that one other person somewhere else in the world won’t have the same idea – at the same time – and reminds everyone that the first to get and register the domain owns it!

And what better way to promote the video, than by using a .CO domain - YourBigIdea.CO to be exact.




Nov 152012

Own a .co? Then I have some good news for you. The .CO domain registry has just announced a FREE exclusive membership for those who own a .co domain.

I personally own about 20 .co domains – Most 1 worded dictionary or LLL domains and think this is a great way to get more people involved with .co domains. Membership is limited, so please CLICK HERE to join! I recently added SDCC.CO to the list and am pleasantly surprised with all the available perks.

Here is a screen shot of the awesome benefits of being a member!

DotCO membership benefits 283x300 FREE Exclusive Membership For .Co Owners


“While we’re definitely excited by our fast growth, we’re not here to build ‘just another domain extension,’” said Juan Diego Calle, founder and CEO of .CO. “We’re here to support the thriving community of innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, developers, investors, marketers and big dreamers who are building the world’s next great businesses and brands on .CO with the fuel they need to take action on their plans – and to succeed.”

“”Built from the ground up to support innovators and entrepreneurs, .CO has quickly become one of the fastest-growing global domain extensions in the world, with nearly 1.4 million URL’s registered by people and businesses in more than 200 countries since it launched in 2010.””

Benefits for Customers of All Sizes

“Anyone and everyone with a .CO domain name is eligible to become a member at i.go.co.”

“Upon joining, members will gain immediate access to exclusive benefits in key areas that startups want and need most – including coveted tickets to premium educational programs, exclusive invitations to networking events, and a variety of promotional opportunities.”


“Some of the benefits that are currently available include:

  • Free passes to Startup Weekend events worldwide;
  • Free tickets to elite educational events like Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Conference and 500 Startups’ Warm Gun Conference;
  • Free access to co-working spaces in key cities;
  • Free SEO consultations; and
  • Discounts on General Assembly courses, live and online.””

“All of the offers on i.go.co are intended to reinforce the power of the growing .CO community and to create opportunities for people to learn, grow, connect and exchange ideas – not just online – but in real life too.  ”

“.CO will continue to expand the program by providing access to exclusive deals, discounts and perks designed to make the startup journey even more fun. Eventually this will also include the ability for members to offer the community benefits of their own.””

“The program will grow over the next few months, based on customer feedback, and will be fully launched by South by Southwest in March 2013.”

“We recognize that .CO is a platform for people to create and bring their ideas to life,” said Lori Anne Wardi, Vice President of .CO. “What makes us different from other domains out there is that our greatest focus is not on getting people to buy .CO web addresses, but rather, helping them to succeed once they do.”

Aug 262012

.CO domains have been very hot lately. There have been over 100 expiring .co domains that sold on Godaddy’s auction marketplace.

Here are some more .co domains that recently sold:

Bison.co 2826 usd Sedo
Cruises.co 82500 usd Sedo
Wcg.co 1888 usd Sedo
Sok.co 1500 usd Sedo
588.co 3000 cny Private
Turn.co 1250 usd Sedo
Hiltonhead.co 715 usd Namejet
Prize.co 940 usd Namejet
Luotuo.co 1000 cny Private
MotherNature.co 350 usd Sedo
Dsg.co 3788 usd AfternicDLS
4travel.co 316 usd Flippa
Hydrogenperoxideteethwhitening.co 450 usd Flippa
Easterndance.co 150 usd Flippa
Pinster.co 1150 usd Flippa
Easterndance.co 150 usd Flippa
Palace.co 1250 usd Sedo
Wandern.co 2480 usd Sedo
Amuse.co 300 usd Sedo
295.co 750 usd Sedo
AdvertisingAds.co 2760 usd Flippa
Sugar.co 30000 usd Sedo
Sca.co 500 usd Sedo
MYN.co 1350 usd Sedo
MNG.co 1190 usd Sedo
Corsetsuk.co 475 usd Flippa
BayImg.co 680 usd Flippa
Hpa.co 505 usd Flippa
OnlineForex.co 150 usd Sedo
Angeles.co 850 usd Sedo
Bradford.co 260 usd Sedo
Carinsurancecalculator.co 650 usd Sedo
Ting.co 2000 usd Tucows
Childhoodobesity.co 310 usd Flippa
Orbit.co 7500 usd Sedo
Exceed.co 1530 usd Sedo
OutSourcingTraffic.co 180 usd Flippa
Trafficboost.co 333 usd Flippa
Chanpin.co 1000 cny Private
Easy.co 10500 usd Sedo
Silo.co 2000 usd Sedo
i4m.co 1999 usd Sedo
Concept.co 999 usd Sedo
Tasteful.co 870 usd Sedo
Pataugas.co 450 usd Sedo
Popo.co 2050 usd Sedo
Sardinia.co 3300 usd Moniker
Mirror.co 11000 usd Sedo
Flexible.co 2825 usd Sedo
XtremeNO.co 7500 usd Flippa
Traffic911.co 450 usd Flippa
OilofOregano.co 1700 usd Flippa
Costoftummytuck.co 510 usd Flippa
OptionsTrading.co 4200 usd Sedo
Hail.co 1783 usd Sedo
Recambios.co 270 usd Sedo
Konto.co 300 usd Sedo
Videogaming.co 500 usd Sedo
Romehotels.co 675 usd Sedo
Jewelry.co 24000 usd Sedo
Xes.co 1750 usd Sedo
Paf.co 200 usd Sedo
Socially.co 1100 usd Sedo
Online-dating.co 200 usd Sedo
Cigarettes.co 7000 usd Sedo
500px.co 9205 usd Godaddy
E-ticket.co 2500 usd Sedo
Lactalis.co 1040 usd Sedo
Wireless-Printers.co 100 usd Flippa
ignite.co 1000 usd Sedo
OilofOregano.co 1250 usd Flippa
Flkr.co 2050 usd Flippa
Dutyfree.co 1100 usd Sedo
Mvt.co 350 usd Sedo
Plas.co 875 usd Sedo
Timeless.co 600 usd Sedo
Brit.co 4750 usd Sedo
A2A.co 185 usd Sedo
Blinddate.co 250 usd Sedo
Cuando.co 1000 usd Sedo
Rgh.co 1200 usd Sedo
432.co 400 usd Sedo
ivps.co 200 usd Flippa
Cobrascripts.co 125 usd Flippa
Frnd.co 186 usd Flippa
Addicts.co 200 usd Flippa
HowToGetAPatent.co 250 usd Flippa
iphoneUnlocked.co 299 usd Flippa
Ludwig.co 3284 usd Sedo
Jul 312012

.CO has recently turned 2 and in those 2 years they have done a LOT of marketing, sure this domain had its ups and downs but there have been a few great sales and millions of domains registered that put this extension on the map.

I decided to focus mainly on LLL and dictionary noun words – I have a few verbs, but I think I am going to let them drop or simply sell them to the highest bidder on a forum.

Last week, I was contacted by another domainer, not an end user about a LLL .CO that I owned – It just so happened that this word was also a verb. The initial email stated that this person found my domain listed for sale on Godaddy’s Premium auctions but he could not afford my asking price which was low $x,xxx. I replied  back to his email saying yes I can lower the price but if you want to offer 1 or 2 hundred dollars I would not be interested. He replied back with a mid $xxx offer – I countered, and in a few back and forth emails we agreed on a price of very high $xxx.

Now the waiting game begins…..for most. Typically you go through escrow, you might even lose communication with the other person or he might simply back out. After all, an offer through email is not worth much. To my surprise, the buyer wanted a quick and smooth transaction. I suggested escrow if we split the fees – He said he wants it sooner than that. We both came to an agreement and the transaction was done – literally 30 minutes, The buyer got a domain he was very happy with and I got an amount that is fine with me.

This just goes to show you that sometimes the right buyer and communication can make a world of difference.

Have any of you had any decent .co sales?

Jul 202012

.CO just turned two and it has already done more in 2 years that many other domain extensions. Here is the official email taken from the .co registry’s website:

Today is our second birthday. That means it’s been exactly 24 months since .CO launched to the public in 2010. We’d like to thank you for being a part of seven-hundred-and-thirty glorious days of ideas imagined, startups launched, obstacles overcome, businesses booming, and victories won — both big and small. And we’d like to say “Happy Birthday to YOU”— our ever-growing, always-inspiring .COmmunity!

To celebrate, we’ve created this cool info-graphic highlighting some interesting domain stats and achievements.  Please flaunt your .CO pride by sharing this info-graphic with your friends, fans and followers — and by letting everyone know that together, we are building the future on .CO — one URL at a time!

Here are some great .CO Facts!

  • 1.3 million+ .co domains are registered! 
  • 54% of .CO domains are registered to people in the US
  • ALL LLL.CO domains are registered!
Congrats .CO! Happy Birthday
 .CO Turns 2   Happy Birthday!


Apr 182012

It’s always great to wake up, check my emails and finally get something good from Godaddy – aside from all the BS spam they send out about “It’s time to renew your domain” 5 different times!

I was pleasantly surprised to see this:

ban 962 prem Premium .CO Listing Just Sold
Dear chris,Congratulations! Your Premium Listings domain has sold!Domain: (nameHidden).CO
Date Sold:
Listing Price: $ XXX.00
Commission: 30 %

To retrieve your customer number or password hint, or to reset your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” hyperlink in the home page login area.


This is great news to me considering I forgot that I had the domain listed as a premium domain. The process is very smooth and straight forward – The sold domain has already been taken from my account and now I am simply waiting to receive funds.

.CO domains seem to be selling more and more as time goes on. If you have some good one worded dictionary domains, I suggest holding on to them. If you have some domains you want to sell quickly, then price them right and someone will pick it up.  Personally, I have sold 6 domains in about 6 months so far – Most were registered for reg fee and sold for mid $xxx.

I have slimmed down my .co portfolio and am focusing on the strong 1 worded domains – without a strategy you will never sell a thing!


Mar 212012

It’s been a while since I posted here. I have been busy promoting/working on my other .CO site – SDCC.CO which is all about comics, comic con, etc.

While I have been gone, there have been MANY great things happening with .co domains. There have been some decent sales along with the news that .co was making an appearance in the 2012 SXSW as a HUGE sponsor – throwing parties and ultimately giving even more exposure to .co domains. One great item to bring up is that 4 of the 8 finalists used a .co domain. Here is some more info on the SXSW coverage: LINK

Love or hate .co – you still need to appreciate the amount of time and effort that is going into this extension. I have liked it since Day 1 – do I have 1,000 .CO domains? No – Just because you favor something does not mean you need to go balls out emptying your bank account.

The next big story is CNET’s coverage of .CO domain – There are over 1.3 million registered domains AND every single LLL .CO is owned by someone – The first is more impressive than the other. I feel that triple premium lll.co’s can fetch about $x,xxx but some of the shit ones should NOT even sell for reg fee. Most people consider LLL.CO to be worth about as much as LLLL.com

There have also many many $x,xxx sales followed by a surprising $xx,xxx sale. I plan on updating my latest .co sales with these figures – but here is what I have missed so far:

MesotheliomaAttorney.co $10,300
MesotheliomaLawyer.co $10,300

mev.co $2,905
neuro.co $1,000
BizX.CO $1,000
Home24.co 1000 Euros
PPIClaims.co $5,500
onlinepoker.co $22,000
bfa.co $1,700
LOVEIT.co $1,000
home24.co $1,000
gnarly.co $800

As you can see, there have been some OK sales. Paying $30 for a domain that sells for $1k is a pretty nice quick flip. Hell even paying 1 year to renew is still good.

If you have triple premium LLL co domains or dictionary words keep them! If you are new to .co domains, then don’t waste your time hand registering domains – you might get lucky with one, but the chances are slim to none.