Dec 302010

scam2 195x300 Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul

One of the “joys” of selling things online – is the fact that there are MANY people who try to scam you by sending bullshit, fake emails. The emails used to be extremely easy to spot – but now they have gotten much better. I usually get about 5-10 fake emails from ebay and paypal – saying my account was hacked, I won something and need to pay, or someone sending me a fake question for an item I am not even selling. These are all RED flags.

Lately, I have been getting more and more spam emails regarding my domains. The latest email I got will be shown in full below so that this asshole can get blacklisted and this will hopefully help other people spot fake/spam emails:

    Title:Considering your domain: XXXXXXXXX.XX

    I’ve just tried to register (my domain), but i see you’ve already registered it a couple of days ago

    Anyway, I know a method that will earn you +/- 200$ a day with 20min of work with that specific domain.

    You can read more about it on the page below.

    (you do need to enter your name and e-mail to receive the method though)



    AIM: makecash2010


    ps. If you want to sell your domain, I’m willing to pay 700$ for it (paypal or wire)
    pss. Why am I telling you this?? Christmas gift lol

I emailed this jerkoff back and said, sure I’ll take the money send me a paypal payment marked as a gift – and the little bastard never wrote back – such a shame icon sad Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul haha

I also did some research on this partner with paul crap and have found out that it is a work at home scam dealing with Herbalife.

Basically, you sign up and pay 10 bucks to get a kit delivered to you that will help you make money online using the company Herbalife. This company is NOT MENTIONED anywhere in the email – From what I read, if you are a marketer for Herbal life, you are not allowed to use their name in your marketing campaign – and looks like this worked to Pauls advantage with this product.

I still have NO IDEA why I got this email – my domain name has domain internet registration in it – why the hell would I want to join an affiliate herbalife program? Makes no sense.

Let this be a lesson to you all – BE CAREFUL WHEN CLICKING LINKS through emails and realize that if someone is asking to buy a domain and then says “hey check this link out” It is more than likely a scam.

Dec 282010

WWM 300x92 Your Domain Is Worth Poop

Michael Berkens, google him if you don’t know him, owns about 75,000 domains – yes thats right 75K. He also owns WorldWide Media which focuses on buying and selling domains.

WWM has a VERY interesting section that discusess the latest sales and rejected domains. By “rejected” I mean purchase offers OVER $10,000 that someone wanted to buy from WWM but sadly never happened. If you thought that selling a domain for a couple of grand is big news then think again. These are the big dogs in the domain world. One rejected domain that immediately stands out is: D.TV < -- for a whopping $125,000! Shit that's a nice amount of cash for a domain - and it was rejected. I am very anxious to find out what it will cost to buy that domain - we all know money talks and bullshit walks --- This is exactly what WWM media is trying to prove. So if you ever come up with a shit load of money and want to buy a domain from Mr. Berkens you better bring your A game and the fattest wallet you can find

Here is a list of the rejected domains you will probably never be able to own:

    Below are purchase offers over $10,000 that have recently rejected by Worldwide Media: $125,000 $100,000 $100,000 $75,000 $75,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $30,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000

Also, be sure to check out TheDomains for all your domain news

Dec 202010
butter chip cookie bar

A few weeks ago I read an interesting guest article by Rob Sequin on Elliot’s blog. The article discussed different options that one has with domains. It was a well written and concise article which led to the creation of this one.

In the article, Rob discusses domain parking. Everyone knows what it is, and many people don’t make great money from it – but hey – it’s a free way to potentially earn some extra cash and who doesn’t like that?

Most of the time parked pages don’t ever show up on google – well at least I have not seen too many of them. However I am pretty happy to announce that one of my PARKED domains is showing up on google!

ButterChip is currently showing up on google as the THIRD result – not bad for a parked domain. I have it parked at SmartName which offers hundreds of different parking themes and 3 different ways to park domains.

butterchip 1024x664 Parked Domain Ranks HIGH In Google

According the google’s keyword tool, there are 33,100 global searches and 27,100 monthly searches for the term “butter chip”!

Overall, I am pleased with the parked page and the fact that it does show up on the first page of google. A few weeks ago this was ranked as #1 but it dropped 2 spots.

butter 1024x619 Parked Domain Ranks HIGH In Google

Do you have any parked domains that rank well in google?

Dec 172010

Today is Friday December 17 2010 and here is the latest deleted / expired domain list that features 55,000 .COM domains that are ready to be hand registered.

Free deleted domain list 12_17

Dec 102010
free expired domain list

Its friday and the holiday’s are almost here! This means that millions of people are preparing for the holidays and that MANY forget about their domains… what does this mean to you????

Time to snag some EXCELLENT deleted/expired domains! As always this list contains ONLY .COM expired domains that are ready to be hand registered.

This expired domains list contains over 50,000 .COM domains for Friday December 12, 2010.

If this list is useful to you and you register a domain then I ask you to please send any contribution if possible – any and everything is appreciated and you will get a personal email from me thanking you!

pixel Expired Deleted Domain List

Expired Domains list 12_10_10

Once you register the domains, and need a parking service, I suggest using SmartName!

Dec 042010

domain parking1 300x203 Park Domains And QUESTIONS At SmartName

If you deal with domains, then chances are that you have some domains that are sitting around in cyberspace. You probably don’t have time to develop every single domain you own. I am in this same situation with most of my domains – I lack the time required (right now) to develop my domains into fully functioning sites. So what do you do? Well just about every domain investor knows about domain parking.

Domain Parking 101

According to wikipedia,

    Domain parking is the registration of an Internet domain name without using it for services such as e-mail or a website i.e without placing any content on domain. This may be done to reserve the domain name for future development, to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting, or to engage in cybersquatting. Since the domain name registrar will have set name servers for the domain, the registrar or reseller potentially has use of the domain rather than the final registrant.
    Domain parking can be classified as monetized and non-monetized. In the former, advertisements are shown to visitors and the registrant gains revenue. In the latter, an “Under Construction” or a “Coming Soon” message may or may not be put up on the domain by the registrar or reseller. This is a single-page website that people see when they type the domain name or follow a link in a web browser. Domain names can be parked before a web site is ready for launching.

Park Domains

So where do you park your domains? Well there are literally hundreds of different places to park domains -and I am not going to list all the places – but I AM going to talk about my experience with each – ESPECIALLY the current one.
I register most of my domains at Godaddy. This was the first place I wanted to register – then I realized that they wanted to CHARGE me to park my domains. What a crock of shit – why would I pay them to park my domains? Just an FYI – Parked Domains generally DON’T make that much money – unless the site HAS constant traffic or was a developed site that has been recently taken down, or if you have a great keyword domain – which will always benefit from “type-in” traffic. GoDaddy does promise that you will get more money by parking with them – again bullshit – so that was out of the question.

My next source was Sedo – a worldwide known company. I was with sedo for a few months but did not like the fact that I was not able to customize my parked domains – and I only made about $2. I began looking for another place.

I finally came across SmartName – where my domains are parked now.

Good Domain Parking options – SHITTY Customer service

SmartName allows people to park their domains, free of charge, and actually allows 3 different parking options:

  • Regular Parking
  • Ecomm Store
  • Content Site

smartname3 1024x385 Park Domains And QUESTIONS At SmartName

There are also literally hundreds of different themes and styles to choose from. It truly is a great PARKING site – so why am I bitching? Well because the customer service blows. I usually get better service from a fast food joint – and they still manage to mess up my order!

I moved over all my domains – and everything was accepted. This was good news to me and I had some great keyword domains that I wanted to have an Ecomm store, so I submitted them – and BAM – automatically denied! WTF I thought? How did this get denied? I had Protein Shakes as 1 of my domains – PROTEIN SHAKES! how much more specific could you get? I sent an email to my manager and after a few back and forth emails I was “manually approved”. I do like the ecomm store layout – as shown below – but the acceptance process sucks!

protein 1024x386 Park Domains And QUESTIONS At SmartName

I had some other questions which were answered quickly. GREAT – I thought – I finally found a great place to park domains and had great customer service. Well that quickly changed. I sent a few emails (about 2) the next week to my manager and didnt get a reply. I thought maybe they were busy – so I sent the email to the official contact on the site. No Luck. Still to this day I have NOT had my questions answered.

They also offer LIVE HELP! yay! I’m saved – I check their hours – Available M-F 8:30-6 PM EST. Hmm – last time I checked I have this thing called “work” just like 99% of all the other people – and I can’t really take time off my day to talk about my parked domains….

So I hope this is a wake up call to those who want to park domains – Smartname is a good company but they suck with customer service – beggars cant be choosers!

smartname banner 468x60 Park Domains And QUESTIONS At SmartName width="468" height="60" border="1" alt="banner"/>

Dec 032010

Free Deleted / expired .COM only domain list for Friday December 3, 2010.

This list contains over 53,000 .COM DOMAINS ONLY!

As always, check out my FREEBIES sections for past deleted domain lists!

Free .COM deleted domain list 12/3