Apr 042011
co domain

As you all know, I have a number of co domains in my portfolio. I have some good domains along with some that are not so great. One of the hardest challenges for a domain investor is renewing domains. Every year a person needs to look at his portfolio and do 1 of 2 things: Renew the domain for another year, or dont renew it. There are a few domains that I do not want to renew, so I decided to try something out. This might become the first official Zoop Contest – aka Zooptest.

Here’s the info: I just added a co domain to godaddy auctions which is:

    Please click above for DIRECT LINK

    This is a ONE WEEK auction, with a starting price of $10 USD. IF the auction ends with NO bidders (meaning its not even worth $10) Then I am going to officially give it away. If you are interested in this domain, then simply go to the auctions page and type in MP3HD into the search – you will see my CO domain listed for sale. It is CHEAPER than the .info that is listed!

    Here are some stats about MP3HD: taken from GAKT

      22,000 Monthly searches
      Low competition
      CPC $.80
      Reg @ Godaddy

    All in all, it’s not that bad of a domain name – but is it worth $10?

    mp3hd 1024x606 FREE CO Domain Auction


    If you retweet this post, follow me on twitter, OR Like it on facebook – then you will get an extra chanve to win this domain, if it doesnt sell. Example: Say the domain does not sell – I will create another post dedicated strictly to the contest and you will have 2 chances to win instead of just one. The I will assign numbers to each person who entered and pick a number using a random number generator.