Mar 072011

Expiring Domains

Everyone has domains in their portfolio that they do not plan on renewing. Some people have only a few expiring domains while other can have hundreds of thousands of domains that will simply drop. Everyday there are about 50,000+ domains that expire and are available to be hand registered. Everyone has his own reason for registering a domain – most people buy domain names to do a quick flip – but it does not work – and the person doesn’t feel like spending $x or $xx on renewal fees so he simply does nothing and the domain drops. BIG MISTAKE.

If you have domains that are expiring and you DON’T want to renew them, then why not try to sell them? Why not try to get a few bucks for the domain instead of getting NOTHING? Last year I registered some domains that I planned on developing but never got around to it. After considering the options, I have decided not to renew a few domains. Instead of trying to make a profit on the domains (which I know will not happen right now) I have decided to try selling the domains to at least cover my reg fee. Not wanting to lose 100% of my initial investment, I decided to sell the domains to the highest bidder.

Today there are numerous forums and places that make it extremely easy for anyone to sell their domains quickly and for FREE. If you have domains that are expiring soon, meaning 6 months or less, then I suggest you try selling them for a reasonable price at any of the following places:

I can recommend any of the above places for you to sell your expiring domain names for free. Also, when trying to sell expiring domains, I use the following as a method for pricing. If the domains expires in:

    more than 6 months – $20+
    3-5 months – $10-20
    1 to 3 months – start an auction for $1 and sell to highest bidder

If the domain does not sell, then readjust the price and always make sure to bump up your post to the top in any sale forums. Just read the rules about bumping your post to the top. I currently have a few domains that are expiring soon. If a domain has 1 to 3 months left to expire, I send them to ebay for a 7 day auction. I like to include multiple domains and start the auction at .99. This has been successful and has allowed me to make some money from my expiring domains, instead of simply letting them drop which would give me no money at all.
So instead of doing nothing and letting your domains drop, take some time and market your expiring domains. Its much better to sell a domain for $2 than to lose $10.

Dec 172010

Today is Friday December 17 2010 and here is the latest deleted / expired domain list that features 55,000 .COM domains that are ready to be hand registered.

Free deleted domain list 12_17

Dec 102010
free expired domain list

Its friday and the holiday’s are almost here! This means that millions of people are preparing for the holidays and that MANY forget about their domains… what does this mean to you????

Time to snag some EXCELLENT deleted/expired domains! As always this list contains ONLY .COM expired domains that are ready to be hand registered.

This expired domains list contains over 50,000 .COM domains for Friday December 12, 2010.

If this list is useful to you and you register a domain then I ask you to please send any contribution if possible – any and everything is appreciated and you will get a personal email from me thanking you!

pixel Expired Deleted Domain List

Expired Domains list 12_10_10

Once you register the domains, and need a parking service, I suggest using SmartName!

Dec 032010

Free Deleted / expired .COM only domain list for Friday December 3, 2010.

This list contains over 53,000 .COM DOMAINS ONLY!

As always, check out my FREEBIES sections for past deleted domain lists!

Free .COM deleted domain list 12/3


Nov 242010

Listed below is a free deleted / expired .COM domain list for Wednesday November 24, 2010. List contains only .com and can be sorted by length. Nearly all of these names are still available to register. There are over 30,000 deleted domains in this excel file.

Please check out my DOMAINS page for FREE godaddy coupon codes for 2010.

Free Deleted Domain List 11_24


Nov 122010


Here is the list of DELETED/EXPIRED .COM .NET .ORG domain names that are expiring on Friday November 12,2010.

As always, the list is in excel format and can be filtered on EXTENSION, LENGTH, and is in alphabetical order. There are over 65,000+ deleted domains. I maxed out excel – oops.

Free Deleted/Expired domain list for 11/12/2010