Feb 082012

Everyone wants the best price when it comes to new domains and renewing domains.

I want to share a great site that always has the latest Domain Promo Codes 

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Aug 202011

I was on NamePros and came across a member who had a link to a funny youtube video – It is the battle between .CO and .COM

Check it out:


Apr 212011

The lastest SEDO Great Domains auction is up and running. There are 202 domains that are currently on auction and a few of them have some very nice starting bids.

I finally got accepted into the auction with my domain: HDTelevisions.TV. I set the reserve low and am anxious to see if it will sell. There are currently 2 other domains that contain the word “television” which is rare since sedo has very strict acceptance policies.

Anyways, if you are interested you can place your bids right here:


Apr 192011

Yesterday I wrote a post about my parked domain at SmartName – CircusNuts.com. I wrote the post at about 11:30 AM and when I noticed an email written at 11:40 AM (or right around there) about that same exact domain! I was simply stunned and thought it was some sort of joke – but it was not. You can read the original post HERE

I got an email from someone who is seriously interested in the domain. I have NEVER gotten a domain inquiry within 15 minutes ever! This just goes to show you that with the right marketing and proper exposure anyone can make a domain sale. The potential buyer and I are currently undergoing negotiations for the domain. The domain is priced right and should be an easy sale but only time will tell.

Apr 112011

I recently got an email from Sedo saying that one of my domains has been accepted into the upcoming Great Domains Auction which is scheduled to start on April 21,2011 and end on April 28, 2011.

Sedo is very selective and getting a domain approved for their great domains auction is a hard thing to accomplish. I have had many domains that were not accepted even though I thought they would have been. I do not know how Sedo selects their domains, but I am happy to announce that one of my domains finally made it!

The domain that will be on auction is:


I have been registering generic .TV domains that fit the extension well. I actually bought this domain from someone else because it just fit the .TV extension well. Now, I just hope it will meet the reserve (which is very low) and will sell. According to GAKT, HD Televisions has 9,900 global searches and 3,600 local searches.

So make sure to check out Sedo’s Great Domain auction and place your bids on HDTelevisions !

Apr 042011

Selling any domain name is not an easy task. Not too many people have great keyworded domains that many people want. Everyone who owns domain names wants to sell them for profit, which is not easy to accomplish. So what’s the best way to sell your domains? Market them properly and heavily

I have been buying CO domains since landrush last year and am pretty happy with the results thus far. I have sold a few co domains, am keeping most of them and am currently trying to add LLL and NNN CO domains to my portfolio. When it comes to sellin any domain name it is all about proper marketing. Occassionally you might get someone to land on your parked page by manually typing in your domain – which can lead to a sale, however that is not always the case. You have a much greatr chance of selling a domain that thousands of people see verse waiting for one person to manually find your domain.

I am directing this post towards CO Domains but this mentality can be used for all extensions. the CO domain industry has had a tremendous boost from all the publicity and millions of dollars spent on advertising. Many big dogs also jumped on CO domains which helps add to the success.

Since I own many CO domains, I always look for different ways to offer some for sale. Over the past few months I have been reading about 4.CN. It is mainly geared towards chinese domains, but there have been a few decent CO domain sales. 688.CO sold for about $400 USD, 818.CO $350 USD, and 987.CO $340 USD. 4.CN does seem to be a good place to sell NNN.CO domains, but I decided to give it a shot with my LLL.CO and keyworded domains.

Adding domains to 4.CN is extremely fast and easy. Another benefit is that you DONT have to change your DNS setting to sell on 4. You are given an option to verify the domain by using your registered email – which is a huge plus! I literally just added my domains less than 24hours ago and I already have views to my for sale page and have an offer on one my CO domains. If you are looking for another way to sell your domains, I strongly suggest checking out 4.

park02 Sell CO Domains At 4.cn

Sell CO Domains

This is the exact method I use to market my CO domains.

    1. List the domain with Sedo
    2. List the Domain at Godaddy Auctions
    3. List on 4.CN
    4. Advertise on Craigslist
    5. Place a link to my domains in my signature on forums

So there you have it, if you are looking to sell domains, make sure to market them correctly. Also list them in as many FREE places as pobbile that dont require you to change nameservers. Good Luck

Mar 082011

One thing that everyone has in common is making money. There is nothing better and more rewarding than making money from an item – whether it is a collectible, providing a service, or domains. Everyone loves to buy low and sell high.

Lately I have been buying and selling domains which has been somewhat hard to keep track of. However one thing that I ALWAYS make sure to do is verify nameservers. As soon as I purchase a domain, I immediately go into the domain manager and change the nameservers. If you buy a domain and dont change the nameservers for a domain that is parked, you might be losing out on money – and no one likes that. For example, say I bought the domain zoop from someone else. I paid for the domain, had it transferred to my name and account, and it is now sitting in my godaddy account since I have no plans to develop it yet. I leave everything as is – BIG MISTAKE!

Well little did you know, that the person who I bought it from had it parked with google (or somewhere else) and had the nameservers pointing to a parked page. Now everytime someone types in the domain, they will be taken to the parked page and IF they click on an ad, then the OTHER person will get the money from the click! The click might only be worth a few pennies but still, money is money. You also dont want potential traffic to be directed to someone elses pocket!I have had this situation just happen to me recently. I sold a domain and the person still did not change the nameservers and I made a few cents from a click.

If you are going to buy a domain, then make sure to immediately change the nameservers. If you dont have plans on developing the domain then make sure to park it somewhere. Personally, I use SmartName, Sedo, and google to park my domains. The LAST thing you want to do is nothing – if you leave the nameservers as is then you will be losing money. Also, make sure to NEVER leave your domains parked at the registrars default page for the same reason. There are MANY places that allow you to park domains for free!