Jan 282011

The vintage toy & collectible market is now hotter than ever. It is a multi-million dollar aftermarket industry that does not seem to be slowing down. Hundreds of different toys, such as Hot Wheels Redlines, GI Joe figures, and train sets were played by children over 40 years ago. Today all of these children are now grown up and want to rekindle their youth. Sadly most toys, especially toys for boys, were brutally destroyed and will never see the light of day. However for those who meticulously kept their toys in mint condition can sell their toys today for a hefty premium price.

One particular individual is one of the biggest players in the vintage toys and collectibles market. Each week I am blown away by the variety and amount of items he sells. If you are a vintage toy collector, you already know EXACTLY who I am referring to: Joel aka FxToys!. Here are FXToys! Auctions

Every single week, FxToys has hundreds of different collectible items. Two things always blow my mind. 1 – The variety and condition of these highly collectible, rare sought after toys. 2 – The prices. Yes – The prices. Joel has items that I have never seen before – He has redline colors that I only dreamed of. If there is something rare and unique you are seeking, Joel is the man to contact.

I collect redlines – Mighty Mavericks to be precise and I have purchased a handful of mavericks from Joel. Even with hundreds of items ending each week, Joel still manages to find time to answer any question he gets – with an extremely fast response time. Once I sent a question at Midnight and already had an answer the next morning. He also has a return policy!

I had the priviledge of talking to Joel on the phone and he agreed to an interview. He is a great guy and I thank him for taking time out of his busy day to talk to me. PS – While we were talking, he was sorting through an awesome redline collection he just purchased! My questions are in bold and the replies are in italics.

    What is your name and ebay id?
    Joel Magee – ebay ID: fxtoys!
    Do you have a website? No, I only sell through ebay

    How did you ever get started in this hobby? I started back in the late 80′s and started buying lunchboxes from TV shows that I watched as a child. I started collecting and then quickly realized that it could be turned into a business.

    What types of items do you sell? Which items sell best? I sell anything toy related from 1960′s and older. Hot wheels redlines and television show toys sell the best.

    What is the most an item you owned sold for? In the late 1980s, I sold a vintage 1950′s tin rocket for $14,000.

    Do you think there are treasure still yet to be found? Absolutely! Everything is just waiting to be found

    What is your outlook for 2011? Do you think collectibles will become rarer and bring in more money? The market will shift up and down during the year but overall 2011 should be a solid year

    Do you have a personal collection? What is your holy grail? I collect disneyland posters from the park. They are made exclusively for disneyland and not sold to the general public. They are about 5 feet tall by 3 feet wide. My holy grail is my flying saucers poster. It is worth well over $10,000.

    How many items do you sell a week? 500

    Where in the world do you find all these items? You have the cream of the crop when it comes to collectibles We have many contacts all over the country. Many people contact us through ebay. We also buy many collections and also do consigments once in a while. People will send us their collections to sell without us even paying upfront because of the well known repuation we have with our customers.

    Just about every collector knows FxToys! especially when it comes to rare hard to find items. You are talked about in many forums and have handled more collectibles than people will in their lifetime. How does it feel to be a collectible guru? Are you a member on any specific forums? That is an honor. We have strived to be the very best at what we have been doing for the past 20 years and I feel like our reputation brings people back because they trust us and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

    Is there anything you regret not purchasing in the past? Boy – this happens all the time. It never ends.

    What is the funniest strangest question someone has asked you? Probably the stupiest question, that happens all the time, is when someone asks me how big or long an item is when it is written in the title and description!

That is the interview and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. Joel is a great guy and has amazing items for sale. He has stuff I will NEVER see in my lifetime. So check out his auctions – FxToys! and if there is something unique he has for sale – make sure to snag it! Joel also pays finders fees to people who help him find collections!

Jan 102011

I have been buying and selling on ebay for almost 10 years now. I have over 1,250 positive feedback and have easily dealt with more than 10,000 different products totaling more than 6 figures.

It is extremely easy for anyone to sell something on ebay and there are tons of sellers – however if you are a seller, then you surely need at least 2 buyers. Let me explain – If you have an item listed for sale for say $10 and you only have 1 buyer (bidder) then your item will ONLY sell for $10. Now say you have 2 buyers your chances of selling that item for more greatly increases. Those 2 bidders might end up getting into a “bidding war” and drive up the price of your product tremendously.

So how does one start selling items successfully? Well there are dozens of factors to consider such as marketing your product on forums and building up your feedback but the most important is: finding the best day to end your auctions

I have ended auctions at just about every hour on each day and have out what days work and what don’t. I am here today to help you make the most money from your auctions.

Best days to end auctions

I have listed the best days and time to end auctions based on my personal experience. First I will start off with the things that you should NOT – actually NEVER – do. Then I will go through my personal times and days that produce the best results – aka make me the most money


  • END an auction on a holiday
  • End an auction during the morning, early afternoon or late at night. Heres why: no one is online during these hours! Think about what time you are online and use that as a judgment.
  • End auctions on these days: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday


Here is what you have been waiting for – the best days and time to end auctions. I personally have been using these methods for years

  • End auctions when EVERYONE is using the internet! Evenings – At around 8 or 9 PM – This is after everyone gets home, has dinner, and has some time to wind down and relax. Then most Americans log onto the internet which greatly increases the chances of someone remembering they wanted to buy something off ebay
  • Lunch time – everyone needs a break from their day and around noon most people do online. These are the 2 best times to end auctions
  • Best DAYS to end auctions: Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Why these days?I have found that Sunday evenings are much much better than friday and saturday. Friday is the end of the workweek and millions of people go out to dinner, a movie, or spend time together with a family or friends, etc – basically they are NOT on a computer. Saturday doesnt work well either since most people are relaxing or doing something else. Sunday is the end of the week and the day most people spend online. The weekend is almost over and what better way to spend the day than being online? Wednesday is another good day because its mid week and allows people to buy something and if they need some extra cash, they can wait till the end of the week before paying you. Ebay allows a seller a minimum of 4 days to pay for an item. The last good day is Thursday based on the same reasons as Wednesday.

Promote your items!

Now that you know the best days and time to sell – it is time to promote your auctions! There are tons of ways to promote but personally I use forums to boost any potential profit. I sell many collectibles such as toys and am an active member in many online forums. Make sure to find a forum that has a buy/sell section and utilize it!

What do you think of these tips? What tips/methods do you use to sell and make the most money?

Dec 272010
super mario all stars limited edition

I told ya so – that’s all I really have to say…

A few weeks back I started posting items that I had a feeling would sell out and bring in a decent price – well I was right.

Super Mario All Stars for the Wii is now literally SOLD OUT everywhere. The game was released 2 weeks ago and is now obsolete – except on the second hand market. Super Mario All Stars was sold on Amazon for $30. People had mixed feelings about this game. Everyone complained that it wasn’t worth $30 and that its a waste of money, etc. O well, too bad for the non-believers. I only bought a few of these but now they are sold out. It is already selling for $65 EASILY on ebay.

So, if you happent to come across this game ANYWHERE – I strongly suggest buying it and holding onto it. It will only increase in value over time. Nintendo is not going to reissue this game meaning that it truly is a collectors edition. I just wish that that the original for Super Nintendo would increase in value as well icon smile Super Mario All Stars Sold Out – which I also own.

Keep checking Amazon – maybe it will come back in stock! Also make sure to check out my AMAZON section which features the hottest items to buy and make money off of.

Dec 232010
make easy money

There is NO such thing as a secret formula, there is no mathematical equation and there sure as hell is no tiny fairy sprinkling pixie dust on select individuals – There is NOTHING secret or hidden about making money. If you want to make money you will – If you are trying and it’s not working out, then you ARE doing something wrong.

Making money requires 2 things – Time and Marketing. It takes a hell of a long time to research products, learn new things, and finding out what to sell. Once that phase is complete, marketing takes over. You can have something worth tens of millions of dollars in your possession – but if you don’t have anyone to sell it to, then you are shit out of luck my friend.

I have been buying and selling for about 6 years now and over the years have found a few niches that work perfectly for me. I specialize in vintage hot wheels from the late 60′s and early 70′s. I have easily made anywhere from $5 – $10 thousand over the years in PROFIT. To some that may not seem like much – but to others it can be viewed as an inspiration. I am happy with it because like I said – it is easy money – and who doesnt like easy money?

The very first step to making money is finding out what to sell. Don’t go for items that everyone can purchase – stay away from computers and other electronics that get replaced every 6 months. You wont make money and it does cost a lot to initially start selling. Now there is nothing wrong AT ALL with buying the latest iPhone or any other hot electronic for MSRP and then selling it to some hardcore chump — er, I mean “enthusiast” who didnt get a chance to buy one at cost. No offense to these people but I think its a bit absurd to pay $900 for an item that can cost $400 – well I’m usually the seller icon wink Its Easy To Make Money

It is also important to stay one step ahead of the game – YOU need to find the trends. I tell people to stay away from trends only because there is a slight room to make a decent profit on something when EVERYONE knows about it. If you spot an item that is hot, and the item has been sold out for months in stores then by all means jump on it, buy it, and sell it for profit.

If you are new to my site, then I suggest you take a look around – I have a section that discusses the hottest products to buy and sell.

Finding something to sell that is profitable is the hardest part of your job – but once that is done,the money will start rolling in.

I like to buy and sell collectibles – I mainly deal with redlines as I already mentioned but I also sell these various items (in case you are stuck) Silver coins, limited edition video games, gaming systems (during the holidays), Kaiju figures, vinyl toys, and I just recently started selling domains and building websites. If you want to learn how to start a collection, then please read THIS POST! That post goes through the step by steps to starting a collection.

After you find out what to sell it is time to RESEARCH – learn everything you can, and MAKE MISTAKES. You will not learn anything unless you make mistakes. I just started buying and selling domain names. The first domain names I bought were terrible! Absolute crap – but after reading forums and tutorials, I know have a better understanding on how to spot a potentially valuable domain. I recently paid low $xx for a domain name and it sold for $xxx.

After you did your homework it is now time to Market. Personally, I like to sell my items on forums – you will find people specifically looking for the items you sell and will generally get a good price on them. I also like to sell on ebay – I think the fees are a JOKE and the rules for sellers SUCK but there is NOTHING better than ebay. Until someone builds a better site, nothing can compare. Ebay allows you to sell worldwide, reaching millions of people that would never think about joining a forum. It is a great way to get more money from your product and build feedback.
I also like to list items on craigslist and kijijij. Both are FREE and both have led me to sell items and avoid fees.

Finally I want to say this: NEVER give up – Just when you think you down on your luck and ready to give up, I strongly encourage you to reconsider and keep going forward. If you want to make money you will. Repeat that and make it your motto. Everyone faces rough times – The best profit is made when people are at their lowest. Use this as motivation.

I also encourage you to keep coming back to my site. I will be posting many potential deals as the year goes on. I am going to post items for you to buy that I think will sell out and be profitable. So if you want to make some extra money on items I ask you to come back!

Dec 102010
Sob Story Excuse

The holidays are a very busy and exciting time. A time where many people flood stores, spend money, buy gifts, etc etc. This is also a time when MANY people make some extra money if they plan the holidays right. If someone gets the hottest toy or latest gagdet, and it sells out, they can be making some decent extra cash on ebay or craigslist.

I have been buying and selling vintage toys, collectibles, silver coins, action figures, electronics, and more. I have picked up on many trends and have a good grasp on what to buy, when to buy it, and how much extra money I can make from it.

One of the most annoying things that ALWAYS happens to me around the holidays is people buying things and NOT paying for them. This happens to me at least 20 times a year (if not more) and I know it happens to millions of people each day.

I recently sold 2 items on ebay – 1 for $100 and another for $250+. It was a good sale and I sent out an invoice to the winning buyer only to get the dreaded email back…. if you are a seller then you know EXACTLY what I am talking about…

The last email I got said

    ” Oh, I am very sorry, my 3 year old daughter accidentally logged into my ebay account and purchased this item. I am very sorry about this and cannot buy it from you.”

ARE YOU KIDING ME? I thought to myself – Your 3 year old logged into ebay and bought MY item? Obviously this is a case of buyers remorse. People will like your auction, get an impulse and buy something. This happens ALL the time and it NEEDS to stop. Not only is this a waste of time for the seller, but it also takes forever for ebay to refund your fees. It takes a minimum of 8 business for your final value fee to be refunded.<

If you are a buyer – PLEASE PLEASE follow these steps

  • Set up a budget for what you can afford
  • Think before you buy
  • If you buy something PAY FOR IT!

Do me and every other online seller a favor (not only ebay, but this applies to any site) Do NOT pay for items you cannot afford to buy and then send the seller a sob story – which is a pathetic sorry excuse for you being “less than intelligent”

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