Jan 252013

Every year Godaddy has a Superbowl commercial that displays half naked women being displayed in very provocative ways – and then ends with a teaser… to see the “uncensored” or “full version we can’t show you” go to our website – Millions of people log on and there really is nothing extra or special to see.

This year godaddy has done something different and actually focuses in on the domainer – you know the people that actually register and buy domains. The overall theme of the video says that just because you have the next big/great idea, don’t assume that one other person somewhere else in the world won’t have the same idea – at the same time – and reminds everyone that the first to get and register the domain owns it!

And what better way to promote the video, than by using a .CO domain - YourBigIdea.CO to be exact.




Feb 082012

Everyone wants the best price when it comes to new domains and renewing domains.

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Dec 272011

Every once in a while Godaddy sells an expired domain for a decent amount – which always makes me wonder why the original owner let the domain drop.

LLL.CO domains have picked up in price and it seems as if every single expired lll.co domain is picked up bu someone – most sell for the initial $12 price, and some can reach low $xxx in price.

One domain that caught my eye early on (when it was $100) was Gamers.co. This was an expired domain that initially started off at $10 – the domain just SOLD for $1,205 with 47 bids.

The .com is a developed site owned by Dragonvision International Corp. I wonder who the new owner is and what he plans on doing with the domain.

Another interesting domain was Fridge.co – the domain was at $10 with about 2 minutes left – then shot up to over $200 as it closed for $206 – I think I know who won this domain….. icon wink Gamers.co Sells For $1,205 At Godaddy Auction

This just goes to show you that there are still a few expired domains that sell for much more than reg fee.

Oct 172011

Most CO domains are registered at Godaddy and when one place has a ton of registered domains, it will also have a ton of domains that are expiring.

Most of the great one worded CO domains were registered early on in July 2011, but there is always an exception and a few good highly searched words that slip past someone – that is the case with Saudi.co.

This domain was registered in September of 2011 – Almost a full 2 months after the CO domain launch. The owner (who also lives in Saudi) did not renew this domain and it went to auction.

Saudi.co sold for $838 on GoDaddy earlier today – It was at $600+ with a little over an left in the auction.

This just goes to show you that there is money to be made with a good .co domain. Most of the domains that were registered in July were crap and people dropped them. This domain was registered in September and still caught the attention of 7 bidders with a total 105 bids!

Congrats to the new buyer and I wonder if the original owner is going to renew it in the final stages of redemption. I am curious to see what the new owner is going to do with it.


May 262011

Well, the time is almost here – all the CO domain owners will need to start paying renewal fees.

I have 90% of my domains registered at godaddy simply because of all the coupons they offer. I have a few CO domains that are expiring soon, and I just got an email for 31% off all renewals, with NO Minimun! I used this to renew 3 of my CO domains, and my auctions marketplace was also about to expire so instead of paying $4.99 the code dropped it to $3.45.

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Mar 312011

I have just watched the video of Bob Parsons, CEO of Godaddy slay an elephant. It is extremely disturbing and stupid. This video has sparked thousands of people to literally move their domains from godaddy elsewhere.

Currently, NameCheap has publicly announced that anyone who transfers their domains, Namecheap will donate $1 to Save The Elephants which is a very nice gesture, and good for namecheap.

I personally believe that the more money someone has, the more bored they get with their life and are always looking for something else to take up time – however what Parson’s did was just downright retarded. Who the hell gets off on shooting an elephant? Then he glamorizes his “achievement” by playing AC/DC’s Hells Bells and has all the locals wearing godaddy baseball caps. I think Parson’s should go back to Zimbabwe, and face the elephants without his gun. Then I’d like to see the outcome of that.

PETA recently awarded Parson’s with the “Scummiest CEO Of The Year” award – which he should get. TMZ published the letter, which can be read HERE.

So all in all, Bob Parsons – you are a moron. I have about 100 domains registered at godaddy which I am going to be moving shortly. I dont need a CEO that gets a euphoric high from slaughtering an elephant.

In case you want to see the stupid video – it is below: