Jan 032011

One of my goals this year is to create more mini sites instead of parking domains and *hopefully* making $1 or $2 – which is not something to brag about to say the least.

I recently hand registered Protein Shakes. It is a .biz extension, so this is definitely going to be a trial and error process. It is an exact match domain – with a TON of monthly search results, 90,500 MONTHLY search results to be exact – and I don’t think it should be too difficult to rank on google’s first page with the right amount of work. Also, the corresponsing .COM is parked and not developed which helps me out.

The hardest part in developing a minisite is finding a decent theme. I am using a free theme which is clean and neat. I am using a basic Suffusion theme. It is also extremely important to use the proper wordpress plugings: I am also using all in one seo, google xml sitemaps, and an adsense manager to help with ads. The only advertising that is on protein shakes is google adsense and amazon. I might join clickbank and commission junction but not too sure at the moment.

Being found on google is the most important aspect of a minisite. You can have all the content you want, but if no one finds your site then you might as well just have it parked and make pennies. I have been actively submitting articles to ezine as well as guest commenting on health blogs with pagerank. I have also been building links in other ways, and will let you know if they work.

So this marks the beginning of my new minisite Protein Shakes and I hope that in time I can get it to rank well

What are some of your minisites? Or goals for the new year?

Nov 102010

One very useful and important SEO Linkbuilding tip is to find blogs that are keywordluv enabled. This is a very helpful tip that will not only return keywords that are relevant to your blog but will also give you blogs which are currently using the keywordluv wordpress plugin module.

Want to test it out?
Go to google and type this in:::

keyword “Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”

Now replace the first bold word : keyword with any keyword that is relevant to your blog’s niche.
For example, if I want to find blogs with keywordluv enabled, I would type this into google: domain “Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.”

That above search query will return all blogs that are using the keywordluv module that also contain the word “domain”. If your keyword was toys then just change the word “domain” for “toys” in the above example. Remember to ONLY change that ONE word, leave the rest EXACTLY as is.

This search would result in all the blogs that contain the keyword domain and are keywordluv enabled – Then you simply find a post that is related to your blog and write a VALID comment. DO NOT just say “awesome post” or “good read” This is arrogant and your comment will more than likely be deleted. Read the post, Leave a good comment. Once your comment is approved, you will automatically have your latest blog title appear under your comment. Not too bad huh – this can create more traffic and create more awareness for your blog.

Another great tip to use is the following…. Once again Type this EXACTLY AS IS INTO GOOGLE:

keyword “free directory” + “submit url”

keyword “free directory” + “add url”

The final SEO linkbuilding tip I want to share with you is this… Once again – type this as is into google:
“powered by WordPress” + commentluv + “your keyword”