Jan 232012

Selling domains is not an easy task – There are hundreds of different outlets one can use when trying to sell websites/domains.

Flippa has been getting a ton of great sales recently. I know they are mostly used for websites that generate revenue, but I decided to take a shot and list 6 of my law/attorney .CO domains.


Most people ask ridiculous prices for their .co domains – which is unrealistic and a waste of the $19 listing fee. This auction is starting at only $40 and includes ALL 6 domains – You can make more than that by getting a few clicks! Here are the domains included in this auction:

33,000+ Monthly searches
$15.05 CPC!!!

30,000+ Monthly Searches
$13.82 CPC

6,000+ Monthly Searches
$11.49 CPC

5,000+ Monthly Searches
$12.15 CPC

3,000+ Monthly Searches
$16.43 CPC

3,000+ Monthly Searches
$18.37 CPC

If you are interested in this domain auction, please click on the link below:

2690861 6 Law/Attorney .CO Domains 4 Sale On Flippa

Jul 212011

Well the .CO registry has hit the one year mark and no one knows how many owners renewed their CO domains. I have not been posting on zoop as much as I’d like to, simply because I have been working on my other site – SDCC.CO which has been getting incredible traffic and is ranking #1 for many keywords, and in the top 5 for broader more general words.

While facing renewal fees, I decided to renew ALL my LLL.CO’s and picked up about 10-15 additional domains. 90% of the ones I picked up were triple premium and the others have repeating letters. Every LLL.CO that I picked up was a result of the owner simply not wanting to renew them (renewals ARE alot at over $20 a pop) or they were simply liquidating their domains.

Personally, I think this is a mistake…

I check Sedo and godaddy a few times a week for the latest CO domain sales. A few months ago, it was not common to see LLL.CO domains sell on godaddy. However, in the past few weeks I have been noticing more and more CO domains being sold on sedo AND godaddy.

Here’s an example. 3 months ago I never got any offers on my LLL.CO domains, but within the past 24 hours I have gotten 7.

The first initial offer is always low – from about $20 to $40, then I counter with a resonable selling price and I usually get a counter back – How is this different?
Well, in the past I got about 2-3 LOW offers, when I countered them I never got a reply back.

I am beginning to think that people are starting to realize the value in short CO domains. Personally, I feel that there will be many mid to high xxx lll.co domain sales by the end of 2011, and there could be 1 or 2 mid to high x,xxx.

I have seen LLL.CO domains sell for about $100 on average during this month, July. While in past months, I only found them being sold on forums. I seen many sales right BEFORE it was time to renew. People were buying lll.co’s and then paying $30 to renew them – Is this a smart idea? You bet it is! Most people do NOT want to spend an upfront additional cost, they rather sell the domain and make $50 or so instead of adding $30 to it and possibly selling it for 3-5x.

Will lll.co domains ever sell higher than lll.com? I dont know – but I do know that people love short domains. You cannot get a LLL.COM today for less than $X,XXX. If everyone likes short domains, why wouldn’t they like an EVEN SHORTER Domain? Everthing is speculation right now, but I personally feel that investing in some solid one worded or LLL.CO domains.

Jun 012011

If you are looking to buy/sell your CO Domains, then I invite you to check out MyCheap. It is designed to exclusively sell your CO Domains.

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May 252011

Currently there are 71,065 CO domains for sale on Sedo. The current trend has seen at least 1 $10,000+ CO domain sale a week. A few weeks ago, there wer multiple CO domain sales, most of which were sold to one buyer and were booze co domains.

I am always interested in trends and finding out what domains have been sold. Another interest is seeing what people are selling and for how much. I have been sifting through many sedo domains and the results seem to be an uneven split between great domains and crap domains. I’d say that of the 71,065 CO domains for sale, only 10% can be considered great/dominating domains, and the rest, well lets just say that are not good. While searching for a few domains, I came across MANY 2, 3, even 4 worded domains for sale with askig prices in the thousands. This is ridiculous and I doubt any of these domans will ever sell. It always amazes me when I see people’s prices and try to figure out how they came up with that number. All of my domains on sedo are “make offer” which is what most sellers should do.

Remember, your domain is only worth what 2 people are willing to pay – not 1. If you only have 1 person making an offer, then you have no way of comparing your domain’s valu to another offer. However, what if you have multiple offers on a domain – 5, 10, 20 or more? Then how do you assess your domain’s value? Do you look at trends or see what a .com sold for? There is no easy answer.

The list below shows CO domains that have multiple offers on each domain, and still have not sold. I would love to contact each owner and ask them why they have not accepted any offers and what they think the domain is worth.

CO Domain List Sedo CO Domain Bids

As you can see from the list, Shaving.co leads with 33 offers which is an incredible amount considering most co domain owners will not ever get an offer – but why does shaving.co have more offers than say gold.co which has 13?

According to google, shaving has over 45 million results and gold has 1.6 million, so does having more results in google guarantee a better chance of selling your domain? NO
Here is a perfect example, jazz.co has 526 MILLION results but only has 13 offers – so simply using google searches is NOT valid.

From the above list, my favorite CO domains are:


There are also some domains that have offers but I am not too sure why – for example:

    daan.co has 8 bids
    flug.co has 7
    law247.co has 5

So there is no easy answer for selling CO domains, but one thing is for sure, this extension IS here to stay.

May 192011

The CO domain is about to reach its one year anniversary and overall it has been a great starting year for CO Domains. This extension has done extremely well and better than many other ccTLD extensions. With close to 1 million registered CO Domains, it seems that CO domains are starting to become noticed, used, and marketed.

Every week there seems to be at least one CO domain that sells for a few thousand dollars. While CO domain sales prices are light years away from .com, one still has to appreciate the few good several thousand dollar sales.

As I mentioned, the one year anniversary is approaching and that means that it’s time for renewals! Since renewals cost about $30, some co domain owners will simply let their domains drop, other people like myself – will keep an eye out for some good dropping CO domains and pick them up.

As with every domain extension there are people who want to develop and those who want to flip. Currently there are more people selling co domains than buying – which is two-fold. 1 – there are tons of great co domains for sale now that can be purchased for low prices since an established co domain “marketplace” does not yet exist. 2 – If everyone tries selling co domains it can result in this extension becoming useless, unless there are big companies developing these domains and not simply forwarding to a .com.

With that being said, one can ask – Where can I buy and sell CO domains? There are many different places to buy/sell co domains – everyone knows about Sedo, Namepros, Godaddy, Afternic, etc – but what about smaller websites that actively use a CO domain to sell CO domains?

Since I started ZOOP, I have been getting many people trying to sell their CO domains to me. I have very specific domains that I purchase, but I wanted to list a few websites that sell co domains. I am currently working on my own site that only sells co domains. That site is: MyCheap. I am currently working on it which is why it’s a very simple and easy site.

Here is a list of CO websites that actively sell CO Domains:

If you sell CO Domains on a CO site – Then please contact me so I can include your site.

Apr 112011

I recently got an email from Sedo saying that one of my domains has been accepted into the upcoming Great Domains Auction which is scheduled to start on April 21,2011 and end on April 28, 2011.

Sedo is very selective and getting a domain approved for their great domains auction is a hard thing to accomplish. I have had many domains that were not accepted even though I thought they would have been. I do not know how Sedo selects their domains, but I am happy to announce that one of my domains finally made it!

The domain that will be on auction is:


I have been registering generic .TV domains that fit the extension well. I actually bought this domain from someone else because it just fit the .TV extension well. Now, I just hope it will meet the reserve (which is very low) and will sell. According to GAKT, HD Televisions has 9,900 global searches and 3,600 local searches.

So make sure to check out Sedo’s Great Domain auction and place your bids on HDTelevisions !

Mar 072011

Expiring Domains

Everyone has domains in their portfolio that they do not plan on renewing. Some people have only a few expiring domains while other can have hundreds of thousands of domains that will simply drop. Everyday there are about 50,000+ domains that expire and are available to be hand registered. Everyone has his own reason for registering a domain – most people buy domain names to do a quick flip – but it does not work – and the person doesn’t feel like spending $x or $xx on renewal fees so he simply does nothing and the domain drops. BIG MISTAKE.

If you have domains that are expiring and you DON’T want to renew them, then why not try to sell them? Why not try to get a few bucks for the domain instead of getting NOTHING? Last year I registered some domains that I planned on developing but never got around to it. After considering the options, I have decided not to renew a few domains. Instead of trying to make a profit on the domains (which I know will not happen right now) I have decided to try selling the domains to at least cover my reg fee. Not wanting to lose 100% of my initial investment, I decided to sell the domains to the highest bidder.

Today there are numerous forums and places that make it extremely easy for anyone to sell their domains quickly and for FREE. If you have domains that are expiring soon, meaning 6 months or less, then I suggest you try selling them for a reasonable price at any of the following places:

I can recommend any of the above places for you to sell your expiring domain names for free. Also, when trying to sell expiring domains, I use the following as a method for pricing. If the domains expires in:

    more than 6 months – $20+
    3-5 months – $10-20
    1 to 3 months – start an auction for $1 and sell to highest bidder

If the domain does not sell, then readjust the price and always make sure to bump up your post to the top in any sale forums. Just read the rules about bumping your post to the top. I currently have a few domains that are expiring soon. If a domain has 1 to 3 months left to expire, I send them to ebay for a 7 day auction. I like to include multiple domains and start the auction at .99. This has been successful and has allowed me to make some money from my expiring domains, instead of simply letting them drop which would give me no money at all.
So instead of doing nothing and letting your domains drop, take some time and market your expiring domains. Its much better to sell a domain for $2 than to lose $10.