Dec 302010

scam2 195x300 Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul

One of the “joys” of selling things online – is the fact that there are MANY people who try to scam you by sending bullshit, fake emails. The emails used to be extremely easy to spot – but now they have gotten much better. I usually get about 5-10 fake emails from ebay and paypal – saying my account was hacked, I won something and need to pay, or someone sending me a fake question for an item I am not even selling. These are all RED flags.

Lately, I have been getting more and more spam emails regarding my domains. The latest email I got will be shown in full below so that this asshole can get blacklisted and this will hopefully help other people spot fake/spam emails:

    Title:Considering your domain: XXXXXXXXX.XX

    I’ve just tried to register (my domain), but i see you’ve already registered it a couple of days ago

    Anyway, I know a method that will earn you +/- 200$ a day with 20min of work with that specific domain.

    You can read more about it on the page below.

    (you do need to enter your name and e-mail to receive the method though)



    AIM: makecash2010


    ps. If you want to sell your domain, I’m willing to pay 700$ for it (paypal or wire)
    pss. Why am I telling you this?? Christmas gift lol

I emailed this jerkoff back and said, sure I’ll take the money send me a paypal payment marked as a gift – and the little bastard never wrote back – such a shame icon sad Domain Scam Email   Partner With Paul haha

I also did some research on this partner with paul crap and have found out that it is a work at home scam dealing with Herbalife.

Basically, you sign up and pay 10 bucks to get a kit delivered to you that will help you make money online using the company Herbalife. This company is NOT MENTIONED anywhere in the email – From what I read, if you are a marketer for Herbal life, you are not allowed to use their name in your marketing campaign – and looks like this worked to Pauls advantage with this product.

I still have NO IDEA why I got this email – my domain name has domain internet registration in it – why the hell would I want to join an affiliate herbalife program? Makes no sense.

Let this be a lesson to you all – BE CAREFUL WHEN CLICKING LINKS through emails and realize that if someone is asking to buy a domain and then says “hey check this link out” It is more than likely a scam.