Jan 102012

Earlier today, Sedo was selected by the .CO domain registry to broker a group of premium .CO domains.

The entire list can be viewed HERE - There are a total of 726 results and I am very anxious to see how many of these domains actually sell. Below you will see a screenshot I took which has been filtered by “Quality” and the first domain that comes up is PhotoGallery.co – Does this mean that photo gallery is the highest quality domain that Sedo has to offer? I sure hope not!

CO Domains 300x264 Sedo Brokers .CO Domains   Will Any Sell?

There are some gems in this list but expect to pay a pretty penny.  All “premium” .CO domains are priced from $10K to $150K. France, Italy, and Africe are the highest priced .CO domains at $150K each. These are definitely premium domains at a premium price! Just about every single .co domain priced at $50K or more is the name of a country or city.

Highest priced .CO domains 300x274 Sedo Brokers .CO Domains   Will Any Sell?

Personally, I like a handful of these domains, but don’t plan on paying $10K for a .co domain. With the upcoming Superbowl commercial I’d imagine a few of these domains should sell. Let’s just hope SEDO does a better job promoting these domains that it did the last sale..

Here is some of the PR info in case you are interested:

“Sedo has done a fabulous job helping to establish and develop the secondary market for premium .CO domain names,” said Lori Anne Wardi, vice president of .CO Internet S.A.S. “Given their expertise and global reach, we are confident that Sedo is the perfect partner to help us bring these valuable digital assets to end-users worldwide.”

“With more than one million .CO domain names registered by individuals and businesses in more than 200 countries around the world, CO has become a truly global TLD. The .CO domain is treated equally with legacy domain extensions like .com and .net by the search engines, making the domain particularly appealing from a search engine optimization perspective for businesses of every size.”

“Many of the world’s most recognizable brands are already using the .CO domain to build or expand their online presence, including Internet behemoths like Twitter, Google and Amazon (which have acquired the single letter .CO domains t.co, g.co and a.co, respectively); the Aspen Group insurance company (aspen.co); and the well-known Silicon Valley incubator 500 Startups (which has rebranded to 500.co).”

“.CO Internet has been very successful in setting the bar for up and coming TLDs, and we are proud to be partnering with the .CO Registry to help bring these not yet released domains to businesses worldwide,” said Tim Schumacher, CEO of Sedo. “As we begin seeing new gTLDs hit the market in 2012, .CO will serve as an example to those applying for their own domain extension of the solid business model and strong partners that any registry will need to succeed.”

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about this auction!

Dec 222011

Sedo’s premium .CO domain auction is over and here are the results of the auction.

I personally placed a few bids on some .co domains and won 2. I picked up an LLL.co along with a a very common dictionary word that has over 30,000 exact results.


horoscopo.co 3150 EUR
equipment.co 3100 USD
safe.co 2800 USD
league.co 2700 USD
hawk.co 2600 USD
jelly.co 2550 USD
fax.co 2000 USD
church.co 2000 USD
export.co 1856 USD
equity.co 1800 USD
wear.co 1800 USD
stereo.co 1750 USD
mercado.co 1650 EUR
finder.co 1500 USD
father.co 1456 USD
viaje.co 1450 EUR
lawsuit.co 1450 USD
tone.co 1050 USD
treat.co 1050 USD
michelle.co 1024 USD
papa.co 1000 USD
gear.co 950 USD
fountain.co 900 USD
junior.co 805 EUR
oxy.co 800 USD
sys.co 750 USD
zap.co 727 USD
mining.co 710 USD
new-york.co 670 USD
playonline.co 620 USD
control.co 600 USD
rumors.co 580 USD
vinos.co 560 EUR
bad.co 555 GBP
mailing.co 510 GBP
billete.co 510 EUR
pornos.co 510 USD
dear.co 450 USD
juan.co 410 USD
seller.co 410 USD
lay.co 370 USD
btl.co 343 USD
det.co 330 USD
nat.co 330 USD
wash.co 330 USD
put.co 320 USD
set.co 319 USD
cinemas.co 310 EUR
few.co 299 USD
plastics.co 270 USD
ill.co 260 USD
asians.co 260 USD
plays.co 260 USD
hotelroom.co 246 GBP
hombre.co 230 EUR
african.co 230 USD
peliculas.co 230 USD
bone.co 220 USD
noc.co 210 USD
alive.co 210 USD
netbook.co 210 USD
plate.co 210 USD
trillion.co 210 USD
gown.co 200 USD
ketchup.co 200 USD
important.co 195 USD
intelligence.co 190 USD
ovens.co 190 USD
desserts.co 185 EUR
vending.co 183 USD
gain.co 180 USD
listed.co 170 USD
pans.co 170 USD
worker.co 160 EUR
cherry.co 160 USD
dividend.co 160 USD
fare.co 160 USD
olives.co 155 USD
leggings.co 150 USD
satan.co 150 USD
ceramics.co 140 USD
dishwashers.co 140 USD
jasmine.co 140 USD
lotion.co 140 USD
role.co 140 USD
cry.co 130 USD
shield.co 130 USD
turtle.co 130 USD
bacon.co 120 USD
laundromat.co 120 USD
meal.co 120 USD
ful.co 110 EUR
gaga.co 110 EUR
088.co 110 USD
512.co 110 USD
calorie.co 110 USD
grooming.co 110 USD
holy.co 110 USD
husband.co 110 USD
knot.co 110 USD
languages.co 110 USD
lisa.co 110 USD
merchant.co 110 USD
neighbor.co 110 USD
pretzel.co 110 USD
scholar.co 110 USD
seals.co 110 USD
sneaker.co 110 USD
towel.co 110 USD
doo.co 100 EUR
beg.co 100 USD
had.co 100 USD
nuk.co 100 USD
nyx.co 100 USD
yay.co 100 USD
azucar.co 100 EUR
carrot.co 100 EUR
casar.co 100 EUR
esqui.co 100 EUR
tissues.co 100 EUR
275.co 100 USD
278.co 100 USD
281.co 100 USD
287.co 100 USD
385.co 100 USD
469.co 100 USD
abode.co 100 USD
belief.co 100 USD
bridals.co 100 USD
cabbage.co 100 USD
cindy.co 100 USD
comparison.co 100 USD
drapes.co 100 USD
feather.co 100 USD
garbage.co 100 USD
ground.co 100 USD
habla.co 100 USD
inform.co 100 USD
intelligent.co 100 USD
jetskis.co 100 USD
kickboxing.co 100 USD
mice.co 100 USD
nickel.co 100 USD
onyx.co 100 USD
peanut.co 100 USD
peanutbutter.co 100 USD
refrigerator.co 100 USD
sells.co 100 USD
spouse.co 100 USD
tale.co 100 USD
tampon.co 100 USD
tape.co 100 USD
wagon.co 100 USD
angie.co 85 GBP
spinach.co 85 GBP

Congrats to everyone. While this may seem like a buyers auction, no one can say that for sure since everyone has a different definition of what they consider a profit.

I placed a bid 2 times the amount I bought my domains for – so that made me extremely happy.

If you won any of these .co domains, feel free to contact me and tell me what your plans are!

May 042011

Sedo recently published its latest domain sales and there are a few great CO domains that are on the list.

Here are a few great 1 worded, highly searched co domains:

    Pizza.co $15,000
    Soccer.co $5,000
    Shop.co $22,000
    CreditCard.co $17,000

Congrats to the seller and new owners – I hope these become developed into website and not just forward to a .com icon sad Great 1 worded CO Domain Sales

Apr 212011

The lastest SEDO Great Domains auction is up and running. There are 202 domains that are currently on auction and a few of them have some very nice starting bids.

I finally got accepted into the auction with my domain: HDTelevisions.TV. I set the reserve low and am anxious to see if it will sell. There are currently 2 other domains that contain the word “television” which is rare since sedo has very strict acceptance policies.

Anyways, if you are interested you can place your bids right here:


Apr 112011

I recently got an email from Sedo saying that one of my domains has been accepted into the upcoming Great Domains Auction which is scheduled to start on April 21,2011 and end on April 28, 2011.

Sedo is very selective and getting a domain approved for their great domains auction is a hard thing to accomplish. I have had many domains that were not accepted even though I thought they would have been. I do not know how Sedo selects their domains, but I am happy to announce that one of my domains finally made it!

The domain that will be on auction is:


I have been registering generic .TV domains that fit the extension well. I actually bought this domain from someone else because it just fit the .TV extension well. Now, I just hope it will meet the reserve (which is very low) and will sell. According to GAKT, HD Televisions has 9,900 global searches and 3,600 local searches.

So make sure to check out Sedo’s Great Domain auction and place your bids on HDTelevisions !