Apr 192011

Yesterday I wrote a post about my parked domain at SmartName – CircusNuts.com. I wrote the post at about 11:30 AM and when I noticed an email written at 11:40 AM (or right around there) about that same exact domain! I was simply stunned and thought it was some sort of joke – but it was not. You can read the original post HERE

I got an email from someone who is seriously interested in the domain. I have NEVER gotten a domain inquiry within 15 minutes ever! This just goes to show you that with the right marketing and proper exposure anyone can make a domain sale. The potential buyer and I are currently undergoing negotiations for the domain. The domain is priced right and should be an easy sale but only time will tell.

Apr 182011

I have been parking my domains with SmartName for about 5 months. I had some customer service problems initially, but those were taken care of and they offer a good parking service with a decent payout – when compared to other parking services.

I also enjoy being able to customize my parked domain which has led to a top 5 spot on google for some of parked domains. One of my domains – Circus Nuts is currently parked at smartname. I initially bought this domain from goddady as an expired domain. My goal is to create a funny/stupid video site but I don’t have the time at the moment (but liked the domain) so I bought it and parked it.

Trying to optimize parking would not be easy since the domain name does not relate to stupid videos at all. I decided to use a theme that smartname offered. They have hundreds of different themes to choose from – more than any I have ever seen when it comes to parking domains.

I chose the “circus” theme since it fits the name extremely well. I did not add any keywords, I let smartname optimize them and I was surprised when I seen the results.

circusnuts 1024x558 Funny SmartName Parked Domain

Yes that’s right! GAY BAR! It made me laugh and I thought it was quite amusing. This changed my perception on this domain completely. Instead of trying to make another stupid video site – there are thousands of them already – I should take this as a message from SmartName and optimize the whole “gay bar” thing. This would be an awesome name for a bar or even an online dating site strictly focused on the “nuts” part. So thank you smartname for changing my outlook on this domain name. Now lets hope clicking on that result wont yield any negative results, for the children’s sake.