Jan 272011

Let me begin by saying that I do NOT like rap or hip hop – however this is something that everyone MUST see. Last week on Tosh.O, we seen a video of a guy dancing in the street and getting hit by a ice cream truck. That shit was hilarious. It is an older video, but Tosh decided to give this unlucky SOB a web redemption.

Tosh.O Web Redemption

This is BY FAR the funniest and best web redemption…EVER! If you dont like the beat you will like the lyrics. If you dont like the lyrics you will like the video. This video has it all – Bling, Chicks, and fancy cars – except the bling is the black guys grill – the chicks are 8 year old kids, and the fancy cars is a pimped out ice cream truck – yeap like I said this video has it all.

Not to mention that Optimo 55 is going to get a shit load of exposure for this and will probably do a song with Lil Wayne in a few months. SO congrats optimo 55 – you got your ass handed to you by an ice cream truck and now you are famous…

Optimo gets his ASS handed to him by an ice cream truck

Optimo 55 I’m Gipper Music Video