Jul 312012

.CO has recently turned 2 and in those 2 years they have done a LOT of marketing, sure this domain had its ups and downs but there have been a few great sales and millions of domains registered that put this extension on the map.

I decided to focus mainly on LLL and dictionary noun words – I have a few verbs, but I think I am going to let them drop or simply sell them to the highest bidder on a forum.

Last week, I was contacted by another domainer, not an end user about a LLL .CO that I owned – It just so happened that this word was also a verb. The initial email stated that this person found my domain listed for sale on Godaddy’s Premium auctions but he could not afford my asking price which was low $x,xxx. I replied  back to his email saying yes I can lower the price but if you want to offer 1 or 2 hundred dollars I would not be interested. He replied back with a mid $xxx offer – I countered, and in a few back and forth emails we agreed on a price of very high $xxx.

Now the waiting game begins…..for most. Typically you go through escrow, you might even lose communication with the other person or he might simply back out. After all, an offer through email is not worth much. To my surprise, the buyer wanted a quick and smooth transaction. I suggested escrow if we split the fees – He said he wants it sooner than that. We both came to an agreement and the transaction was done – literally 30 minutes, The buyer got a domain he was very happy with and I got an amount that is fine with me.

This just goes to show you that sometimes the right buyer and communication can make a world of difference.

Have any of you had any decent .co sales?

Jul 202012

.CO just turned two and it has already done more in 2 years that many other domain extensions. Here is the official email taken from the .co registry’s website:

Today is our second birthday. That means it’s been exactly 24 months since .CO launched to the public in 2010. We’d like to thank you for being a part of seven-hundred-and-thirty glorious days of ideas imagined, startups launched, obstacles overcome, businesses booming, and victories won — both big and small. And we’d like to say “Happy Birthday to YOU”— our ever-growing, always-inspiring .COmmunity!

To celebrate, we’ve created this cool info-graphic highlighting some interesting domain stats and achievements.  Please flaunt your .CO pride by sharing this info-graphic with your friends, fans and followers — and by letting everyone know that together, we are building the future on .CO — one URL at a time!

Here are some great .CO Facts!

  • 1.3 million+ .co domains are registered! 
  • 54% of .CO domains are registered to people in the US
  • ALL LLL.CO domains are registered!
Congrats .CO! Happy Birthday
 .CO Turns 2   Happy Birthday!


Oct 042011

A few days ago, the CO internet registry announced that it is going to re-auction a list of about 100 landrush .CO domains that were never acquired by the initial buyer.

Pool.com is going to auction off the domains and there are some great domains in this list!

Keep an eye out for the exact auction date, but for now here is the list:


Most of these domains dont jump out at me – I would not pay the $30 reg fee on most, but there are a few good ones.

I personally like the following: ComicBooks.co, Anthony.co, CDW.co, DDR.co, HUB.co, OMG.co, FIN.co. I wonder what these domains will sell for.

They should have added more generic domains that might attract some big spenders…

Thanks to DomainIncite for the list

Aug 042011

Everyone wants to make a profit – but that is not always the case. I have talked to a few people who bought CO domains on the second hand market and ended up losing money when reselling the domain again.

The trick is finding cheap CO domains that will result in a profit even if the final sale is not as high as expected. This takes a lot of patience and time.  It has also become much harder to do since CO domains are quickly gaining ground.

Over the past few months, I have been buying many one worded and LLL CO domains. I have been picking up triple premium or repeating letters – for example: RRI.CO, DKD.CO, Shellfish.co.

When I start searching for domains, I usually create a post on Namepros. I suggest namepros or DNforum. Be aware that anytime you have money to invest in domains, you WILL get a ton of crap but be persistent – there are a few diamonds in the rough.

Anytime I find a good deal on a co domain, I usually buy it. I have no problems investing in a solid domain that has the potential of profit in a year or so. I use different places to buy domains – forums (namepros), godaddy auctions, and cax.

Over the past few months CAX.com has been a great place to find CO domains even though it seems to be flooded with crap – yes crap.  I have found about 10 solid domains that I bid on and won some.

The funny thing about CAX is the bidders – I have been watching a few CO domains for weeks and nothing happened. No one placed a bid – I took the initiative, placed the high bid and quickly got an email saying I was outbid – What gives? If a domain sits on cax for a few weeks with no action, why do I get outbid right after placing a bid? It’s all about creating a “want.” Also Cax does a wonderful job marketing. If you place a bid, the domain goes into auction and then it it sent out to EVERYONE who visits domaining or subscribes to the newsletter. Even with heavy marketing and paying more than I initially expected, buying from cax is still good to do  since it is mostly known about by domainers, and domainers want to sell to end users.

Another way to find CO domains for sale is through direct email. Since I initially launced zoop.co last year I have been getting about 2-3 emails from people wanting to sell their domains to me. Most prices starts high but then after a few back and forth emails the prices drops A LOT. One seller was aking mid $xxx for a 1 worded CO domain and after a few emails (and time, renewal was close) he dropped it to mid $xx. For some reason, renewals scare people.

The CO registry has hit the year mark and domains are now starting to sell. Domains that were being sold for low $xx are now getting $xxx all in a matter of a few months. I hope this continues and that 2011/2012 will have a few decent end user sales. I have been contacing end users about my 1 worded CO domains and I have interest in a few of them but nothing concrete yet.

Also, please remember – if you are interested in buying/selling CO domains check out MyCheap - It is a CO domain newsletter and I am currently building up an email list. I will have the first CO Domains 4 Sale in a few weeks!

Make sure to follow me on twitter @zoopdotco and @mycheap

Feel free to share your CO experiences below!

Jul 212011

Well the .CO registry has hit the one year mark and no one knows how many owners renewed their CO domains. I have not been posting on zoop as much as I’d like to, simply because I have been working on my other site – SDCC.CO which has been getting incredible traffic and is ranking #1 for many keywords, and in the top 5 for broader more general words.

While facing renewal fees, I decided to renew ALL my LLL.CO’s and picked up about 10-15 additional domains. 90% of the ones I picked up were triple premium and the others have repeating letters. Every LLL.CO that I picked up was a result of the owner simply not wanting to renew them (renewals ARE alot at over $20 a pop) or they were simply liquidating their domains.

Personally, I think this is a mistake…

I check Sedo and godaddy a few times a week for the latest CO domain sales. A few months ago, it was not common to see LLL.CO domains sell on godaddy. However, in the past few weeks I have been noticing more and more CO domains being sold on sedo AND godaddy.

Here’s an example. 3 months ago I never got any offers on my LLL.CO domains, but within the past 24 hours I have gotten 7.

The first initial offer is always low – from about $20 to $40, then I counter with a resonable selling price and I usually get a counter back – How is this different?
Well, in the past I got about 2-3 LOW offers, when I countered them I never got a reply back.

I am beginning to think that people are starting to realize the value in short CO domains. Personally, I feel that there will be many mid to high xxx lll.co domain sales by the end of 2011, and there could be 1 or 2 mid to high x,xxx.

I have seen LLL.CO domains sell for about $100 on average during this month, July. While in past months, I only found them being sold on forums. I seen many sales right BEFORE it was time to renew. People were buying lll.co’s and then paying $30 to renew them – Is this a smart idea? You bet it is! Most people do NOT want to spend an upfront additional cost, they rather sell the domain and make $50 or so instead of adding $30 to it and possibly selling it for 3-5x.

Will lll.co domains ever sell higher than lll.com? I dont know – but I do know that people love short domains. You cannot get a LLL.COM today for less than $X,XXX. If everyone likes short domains, why wouldn’t they like an EVEN SHORTER Domain? Everthing is speculation right now, but I personally feel that investing in some solid one worded or LLL.CO domains.

Jun 222011

The one year mark is quickly approaching and everyone in the industry is waiting to see how many owners renew or drop their CO domains. Let’s face it, paying $30 to renew a domain is not something anyone wants to do.

This is a time when owners needs to evaluate and think if it is worth keeping their CO domain another year. Personally, I bought a few that I plan on not renewing however I am going to renew the vast majority of the domains I own.

There are always people who dont plan on renewing and want to sell their domains – and sell them cheap. Over the past few months, I have been buying CO domains from many end users. I started with posts on NamePros, then I started MyCheap-which is a CO domain newsletter that will have a buy/sell CO domain section (in the next few weeks).

All of the domains I bought have the potential of being sold – maybe not in the next few months, but definitely in the next year or two and I have no problems dishing out $xx or even $xxx for a domain that can potentially sell for more. All of the domains I bought are expiring in july – more $$ to dish out. However, if you wait until something becomes hot, then you are too late.

Here is a list of some of the CO domains I recently bought!

    Wolken.co – “clouds” in german
    Cancha.co – “court” in spanish

I am a big fan of single worded, highly searched CO domains. I bought these either on sedo, namepros, or directly through email via zoop or mycheap.

If you have 1 worded noun CO domains for sale, make sure to contact me! Also join my newsletter at MyCheap.CO where you can buy/sell your co domains.

Jun 022011

The CO Internet SAS announced that it has finally reached the 1 million mark with CO Domain registrations! According to the post:

    “Entrepreneurs and innovative businesses around the globe are adopting .CO web addresses at an unprecedented pace, way beyond my initial expectations,” said Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet. “To hit this milestone in less than a year is a great testament to the hard work and dedication of our team – and especially to the foresight of all of those who believed in .CO from the very beginning. From our retail and business partners; to the trademark and domain communities; to all the people, businesses and brands who are building their futures on .CO – we owe you a million thanks!”

In order to celebrate this milestone, the CO Internet has commissioned a series of short films called “Under the Bulb,” which will premier live at a private event to be held on June 9th during Internet Week in New York City. Under the Bulb tells the stories of the people behind the growth of .CO. Each inspiring two-minute film captures life from the time the big “light-bulb moment” first strikes – through the time their ideas are brought to life.

The registry has not mentioned which domain was registered, but they did say it was registered at GoDaddy. Congrats to everyone who owns and uses a CO Domain.